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Saturday, January 2, 2010

I want summer!!

Man I am sick of winter, I know its only January second, but we have ahd such a long cold snap, like 4 weeks of below -10C and I cant stand it anymore!!
Okay Im done ranting for today, but I really do want summer. I been trying to get Neil to go somewhere warm in the winter, but hes not interested, he likes winter cause he doesnt have to work much cause its cold out so he can stay inside. This is what I see everytime I go outside, so it always cheers me up

Well I went riding today anyways, cause its only gonna be a little while I can still ride Razz and I want to get her loping well, so next fall she will be okay and not worried about going into a lope. It was about -15C today so we only rode about 30 minutes cause we couldnt stand it anymore. She did lope easier than last time, but she seems worried about slipping, even though its not slipperry in the arena. I have been working with her so much on stopping that now whenever I touch the reins she tries to stop, so we been spending lots of time keeping the same speed and turning. Shes getting better everytime I ride her and Im really starting to like her more and more.
I am gonna have to ride Princess next time I go up there and see if she will lope for me (yikes Im not holding out much hope) I keep looking outside and miss out on where Dinero is, cause he blends in so well! This is Gypsy, Belle, George, Dinero and Bailey.

Hope it warms up soon!

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Shirley said...

Yeah. Now I remember why I moved out of Alberta!
We had plus 5 yesterday, need I say more? Love that dog face, I get that all day from my 2 border collies.
You might have to braid some bright orange tape into Dinero's mane and tail so you can find him. Gah!