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Thursday, January 21, 2010

2nd Massage

So today was the day I went back for a massage. I told him my arm was sorer and more tired than ever before, and he says that's okay!!!

I couldn't believe that and I'm sure I looked like it too cause he said it happens a lot through the healing process, some days are really bad and some days feel great. He put heat and cold on my shoulder and laser. My hip he massaged and scraped again, but a little less than last time. I wore shorts and a tank top this time and it was much more comfortable.

I LOVE when stuff is on sale. I went to buy horse mineral and super glue (I broke the antenna off the phone) and the glue was cheaper then the shelf price and the mineral was on sale in the flyer which I never read.

The puppy was playing in the yard yesterday and it was so funny I had to get the camera, she ran around the bushes,

and across the driveway

and back again

She just couldn't seem to stand still, even long enough to let me pet her, she just wanted to run! But it sure was fun, cant help but be in a good mood when the dogs are so happy.

Have a great day!!

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Shirley said...

Hope you get mended up soon! Do you use Hoffmans Horse Mineral? I swear by it; but I've been out of it all winter. Have to get some soon! Is your pup a border collie cross? The ears look too short to be purebred. She sure is having fun!