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Friday, January 1, 2010

New Lists For a New Year

Well I am very much a list person, I love to label everything and put it in a pile for later. I always make lists of everything I am gonna do that week or year or even for going to town. So of course I have to make new years lists. I figure if I write them down, that's kinda like being held accountable because then I can't just scratch them off cause I changed my mind. Some things will get modified throughout the year as it progresses and that's okay.

I make a list of one year goals, 3 year goals and 10 year goals, just so I always have something to work towards.

Horse goals include
-Getting 30-60 rides on Dinero after Lane starts him this spring
-Take Bailey to a horse show
-Go on a couple trail rides
-Buy a new horse trailer
-work with foals and halter break them

Woodworking goals include
-Finish Bonnie's nightstands and shelf
-Paint and fix up Tack shed
-Build a boot rack for house
-Finish my Moms doll cradle
-Build a pine bookcase to fit in porch

Other goals are
-Finish cross stitch to put in Hanna's Fall Fair
-Finish Western shirt
-Put in hydrant by horse pens
-Read stack of books (at least 100)
-Make perogies (prune and cheese, bacon, onion)

Well I think that should keep me busy for a while.


Shirley said...

That's a good list, it all looks doable. You'll have to show some pics of your woodwork!

Shirley said...

Linda from Just Another Day On The Prairie (there's a link on my sidebar) just posted a story about an old rancher from the Hanna area that you might be familiar with.

gtyyup said...

That sounds like plenty to do...and good goals I might add. My list is too long to post!! I just hope I can get half of it done.

You say you have the same camera as mine. I'm loving it so far. I keep finding new settings on it! Just keep playing with it. Have you been doing the Sunday Stills photo challenges? That might help you have something to focus on for the week and try some new stuff with the camera.

Hope you have a fantastic year!

PS...I love your header photo...gorgeous!