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Thursday, January 28, 2010

3rd Massage

I went back for another massage today, and I think its working. My hip is feeling almost better and the swelling has finally gone down. My shoulder is still sore, but I hope it is getting better. Afterwards I had a chiropractor appointment, and he asked about my shoulder and said my shoulder blade could be out, so he rotated it and it feels fantastic. A little tender, but I can actually move a little without hurting!!

And our dogs didn't have any porcupines today, whew.

Our stuff from the basement is coming back tomorrow and we are only getting 4 out of 32 pages of stuff back. The rest our insurance company is gonna pay for us to replace it. I think most of it we really don't need and wont replace with identical stuff, but that's alright:)

Not a recent pic, but from 08 on a trail ride, just to remind us summer is coming. Thats me in the puddle, with Bailey drinkin.


Shirley said...

Seems dogs can't resist a porcupine, I've pulled many a quill and then they do it all over again! Fortunately, not with the dogs I have now. Hope you've got the problem with your arm fixed.

Crystal said...

I've seen a porcupine, just slowly turn away from a dog, and I guess they can't resist that slow movement. I can't blame the porcipine, I wouldn't want a dog chasing me when I waddle either, lol

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oooh! I love that photo. Makes me want to ride out under that big open sky.