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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Riding and Olympic Torch Celebration

Finally a chance to blog, I have been kinda busy the last two days.

On Friday, I was going to visit my friend Linda in Drum and we were gonna pickup my horses and take them to where she had to pick up a dog and ride there. Well when I got ready to leave, hooking up the trailer, it had a flat tire. So Neil changed it and off I went half hour late. I met Linda and we did a few things in town then went up to the barn. We got there and decided to just ride there and go get the dog later. So she rode Princess and I rode Razz and we didn't do a lot (but it took us two hours), just riding in the ring and showing Linda what we do in lessons, cause she never gets to do fun stuff like this, its always work when she rides (shes a lease rider).

On Friday night after I got home, we had a community party at Homestead hall with supper and darts. I never played cause of my shoulder, but it was lots of fun anyways.

Then Saturday, the Olympic torch went through Drum, so I thought I had better go, so I met Barb and friends at her house to walk over to the Passion Play site cause parking is limited there. We walked across the train bridge

Then they had all sorts of entertainment before the torch came in, like the First Nations dancer:

Then Corb Lund played some music for us

Then this guy painted a picture while the canvas was spinning around the whole time:

Here's the finished picture, actually turned out alright, a torch bearer (shoulda guessed that)

Then coke came out and played drums and had some girl with hula hoop doing back flips and stuff, I have a video but don't know how to play it yet.

Then Jenn from Canadian idol played us a song, and finally time for the torch to come in and light the cauldron and I have a video of this, I'm gonna have to figure out how to get it to run

Then a bunch of speeches and a photo gallery of old torch runs

The the guy running from Drum to the next stop lit his torch

Then me and some friends got our pictures with the mascots

And there's one more picture I haven't gotten yet, but it's awesome and will prolly post tomorrow.

Afterwards Barb made us overnight french toast and sausage, then we went riding and I rode Razz and Barb rode her horse. Wow Razz can have some speed, she was trying to cut corners on the one end at the canter, so I kept trying to push her out with my leg and she wasn't listening, so I asked a little harder and she sped up it was kinda fun, cause it was still controllable, but boy was it fast! and she did move away from the pole that time too.

I only got to ride one, cause they were so dirty that it took forever to get them half decently clean where the saddle goes anyways, didn't worry about legs cause they will get dirty again. Razz isn't as bad, cause she lays down but doesn't roll much and Princess gets all over, nose to tail is mud, I wish I had a picture, but I forgot the camera. Well mud's not over yet, so there's still a chance.


Shirley said...

Sounds like you had a good day, love Corb Lund, he's the new Canadian country rebel. Hey, there's no snow in Drumheller!

Crystal said...

ya I like him as well and all our snow dissapeared last week with unseasonably warm weather, everyone but the ski hill is loving it.

Paint Girl said...

Sounds like a great day!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog!!