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Sunday, January 3, 2010


I started my news year list off. Already got one book read. Its called Bronx Justice by Joseph Teller and if you like crime novels this is a good one, I stayed up till 1:30 last night cause I had to finish it.

Speaking of books, I also started reading Horse Lovers Daily Companion 365 days of tips and inspiration for living a Joyful Life with your Horse by Andrea Pavia.

So far I have read about Appaloosas, trail riding and today was Alexanders Horse. Its kinda interesting, some stuff I already knew, but also some new stuff, kinda hard to stop reading when the next topics look interesting though.

I went outside to take some pics of dogs and the snow was sparkling!! it was soo cool!!

I did get a picture of the dogs together this time although its very hard because puppy wants to be where we are always and Betty sue doesn't unless I bend over then she comes for pets (or if there's the chance of food, lol)

I called my friend Linda, whose husband is working out of town for the winter, and we set up a coffee date to catch up, I can't wait, even though its two weeks away.

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