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Sunday, January 31, 2010

English Again

This morning was the monthly East Coulee Breakfast, where the community members put on a breakfast and we all go to eat it. It raises money for the community and the food is awesome and way more than you can eat, so we try to go every month.

Since its only 10 minutes from the barn where my ponies are, I thought I should go see them. As soon as I got there, the wind got ferocious, granted it might have been bad before, but the barn is on top of a hill and any wind there is worse than anywhere around I'm sure.

So we went in a visited inside for a while, then I decided I better go see my ponies and I caught them, but they wanted to stay hidden out in behind the windbreak, but I finally convinced them to come inside where there was no wind. I have to watch as I lead them together cause if I don't pay attention to Princess, she bites Razz, horses!

Anyway I just brushed and fed Razz and decided to ride Princess in my English saddle again. Wow, I haven't improved miraculously from Friday, lol. I shortened my stirrups one hole and that helped, but it just feels like I have nothing to hold me in, I guess I am too used to my western saddle. We did quite a bit of trotting and I did lots of circles, and its kinda hard with Princess (but good for her) that she slows down every time I start leaning one way or another. Its kinda funny, but gives me a chance to even up again. I'm sure it would look weird to everyone else though.

Anyways some pics of Happy Horses:
Princess (wondering why I'm shining a bright light in her face while trying to eat):

and Razz (not interested in me):

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