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Friday, January 22, 2010


Okay I guess I better explain my dogs, I never think of it, until someone asks if they are Border Collies. They aren't, not even close. They are a Russo-European Laika, or in english a Russian Bear Dog. They come from Poland and are bred to chase bears into trees and keep them there till us slow hunters can get to them. I always joke they are working, cause they have kept all the bears out of our yard, lol.

We got Betty-Sue from our hunters about 7 years ago when they just dropped her and a brother off here as thanks for letting them hunt. Not looking for a dog, Neil gave the brother to a friend of his and kept the female. Last summer they called and asked if they could come out one day and we were kinda suspicious, but anyways they came with two puppies again and how can one resist this cuteness?

So we picked the female and they took the male to someone else, even though again we didnt want another dog, but they are great farm dogs. They stay outside all the time, even in winter which is what tehy prefer. We have doghouses and a heated shop they can go into and rarely do unless the wind is blowing. They dont chase cows or horses which is good cause we have both in the yard. ANd they dont wander, I think they are kinda chicken, cause they will go with us when we leave the yard, but rarely alone. They follow Neil when he feeds cows, but not when he goes to town, how do they know? Not sure, but I couldnt ask for a better farm dog.


Shirley said...

They are as cute as a bugs ear! First ones of that breed I've seen.

CheekyMare said...

Me too. They are kyoot!

Sounds like they fell into the perfect home too.