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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Well I had been taking it easy and still using my arm, but trying not to overuse it, when on Monday Neil says he has a cow with porcupine quills in her nose so hes gonna run her home and pull them out. No big deal, then later that afternoon he asks if I can help him. I was thinking I'm pretty useless right now, but sure why not. Apparently both dogs had quills in there faces. The puppy only had a couple under her jaw so Neil pulled them quite easy, but Betty-Sue is afraid of Neil (not cause hes mean, but he just never pets her or catches her unless he needs to) So he wanted me to hold her while he pulled them. Of course she had like 12 in her nose. And she whines and cries and I almost lost her about 3 times, but we got them and I held her till she was calm and she just walked away, so I gave them some treats. But my arm was really sore after that!

So today was riding day and I wasn't gonna go cause my sore arm and it was -15C outside, but I had to go to town to return a movie anyways so I stopped up there. I caught both the girls (they are leading well together now) and brushed up Razz and saddled her, still not sure I was gonna ride. But I did and it wasn't as bad as I thought. We didn't lope, which was prolly good for her anyways because every time I ride alone, she wants to lope, even before I ask her to.

We stopped for a coffee break and to warm up and I decided I want gonna ride Princess, but since she was already in, I brushed her and then turned her out.

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fernvalley01 said...

Yup, you are writing my story , never fails that when I am trying to rest an injury ,something comes up that I have to overuse the affected part! Just life for Alberta farm girls I guess