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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sure Feels Like Spring

Wow I cant believe the warm weather we've been having! I know we always get Chinooks in the winter, but after forever of super cold, I wasn't sure it would ever warm up again. We haven't even frozen in the last two nights, and our snow is almost gone.

I rode Razz today and she was filthy!! It took forever to get her clean and her white legs never did look clean, but we rode anyways (and shes prolly dirty again) Our ride went well and we had her confused, I guess I have never done figure eights on her and so that was a new one. We did a lot of circles thought the center of the arena, but always kept going the same direction, but it didn't take long for her to catch on.
Princess, we made it a little harder, we did figure eights with some rollbacks thrown in, and she was pretty good about that. We have been working on her backup cause I don't think she was ever asked to back before I got her. She is okay if you let her stop then back, but if you want it all at once, she throws her nose in the air, but she'll get over that too. She's getting fun to ride again and I cant wait to get her working cows this summer, bet shes lots of fun. Nothing like knowing whatever you do, she is 100% safe to ride in any situation. Gives a lot of confidence, even to me who rides at least twice a week.

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