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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Riding and Scrapbooking

On Friday I went riding with the thoughts my friend Linda was coming, but she couldn't, so I rode both horses.

Princess was really good, but now we got her moving and a lot more sensitized, she doesn't want to stand still and wait, so we spent quite a bit of time doing that. She is getting more and more fun to ride as well and I cant wait to got riding outside with cows on her.

Bailey, Dinero and Liberty in the shed
Razz was very impatient waiting in the barn for me to finish riding. I could here her whinnying and pawing ans when we ignored her, she would paw the stall wall. So I purposely waited longer till she was quiet and then we paid attention to her. I have never left her in the barn alone before I guess.

Liberty in the shed, I made this into 11x14 to frame

She was in a super speedy mood, not sure if it was from standing around being anxious or just her. Her turns are better to the left then the right. I never noticed before, but once my shoulder was sore, I appreciated that she turns easy on my sore shoulder way.

I have noticed before her neck always was tight and never thought too much about it because Princess is so different and her neck has a lot more fat and stuff so I thought it was just Razz. Jardi has taken massage course and has massaged a few of my other horses with great success, so I asked her about it. She checked her back and it was fine, but her poll was very very stiff, so one day next week she may massage her. She also said foals will nurse on the same side 90% of the time so they're necks are stronger on one side than the other. I did not know this, has anyone else heard this? Anyways after all this, I think she turns left easier because of a stiff neck. So we will see how it worked.

After riding, I went to my moms in Olds for a evening of scrapbooking. There were 10 people there!! It was a lot of fun, we had flatbread pizzas for supper and even though I never got a lot done (cause I was hurting) it was good to visit with my mom and sister. I stayed at my moms overnight cause the scrapbooking went from5-midnight. Today I come home and am not doing much today except computering.

I shoulda gone to the barn today as well, but I was trying to think of any excuse to not go, from "Lu is expecting me", to "I'll just go feed and groom them" so I just decided I was tired and sore and will go another day when I fell better and enjoy it more.

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Shirley said...

Nice that Princess is coming along well. I'm not sure about the foals nursing on mostly one side but it wouldn't surprise me. Having the poll out is really common, and an easy chiropractic correction. My horse dentist does it and some vets will too.