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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jan 19, 2010

Today I went riding at our weekly lessons, but I might as well stayed home. I rode Razz first and she was really good, still gets a little excited when we want to just trot, thinking we are gonna lope, but otherwise good.

Princess was really good as well, I never loped her, but she did everything I asked, needs more work on moving sideways away from leg pressure.

My hip was a little sore, but I never worried about it too much, it doesn't seem to hurt when I'm riding, so that's good, but I am always worried about getting off.

My arm however was another story, all week it has been a little sore, more like really tired and heavy. Well after about 10 minutes, I didn't want to ride anymore it was so sore. So I only did stuff to the right, which isn't good, but I didn't want to get off so quick. I mounted and dismounted Razz from the mounting block and shes good about it. Princess just wants to wander and then stop about one step too far.

Shirley mentioned I should tell everyone especially US readers why there is a giant dinosaur in Drum, and until she mentioned it I never even thought that everyone didn't know, lol.

The Giant Dinosaur is here because everything Drumheller is related to dinosaurs

Drumheller is known as dinosaur capital of the world, because in the 1800s when white people settled the area, a dinosaur skull was found on the banks of the river. It was an Albertasoraus. Ever since then, dinosaurs have been dug up and The Royal Tyrell Museum of Paleontology was located there as well. It has many exhibits of dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures to look at.

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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Interesting dinosaur information!
I'm glad the riding lessons went well. But I hope your arm and hip are feeling better now.
I have hip dysplasia, so I can relate. It doesn't hurt when I'm riding, but when I get off and on, it's a bear to deal with. The mounting block is our friend. lol!

You would have laughed at my sloppy dismounting off of a horse on Monday.


PS,Thanks for your wonderful comment and encouragement you gave me over at my blog. They are much appreciated :)