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Friday, January 29, 2010

English Riding and Pain Free (almost)

Well I got inspired by Adventures of A Horse Crazed Mind to try English riding. So since I have been thinking about it for a while, I have the saddle and pads and so I thought what the heck, I can do this. Wow, I forgot I don't have any balance! I did enjoy it for the small ride on Princess, about 25 minutes. Mostly trot and walk, was feeling out of control for the corners, so didn't want to attempt a canter yet. She was sure a lot more sensitive to leg pressure without anything between my leg and her though. The best part is, I got off center and she just stops and waits for me, lol.

I rode Razz as well and discovered she doesn't like to bend her neck for some reason, thinking its still part of the stiffness, so I made it a big deal to turn and get a bend, we did many circles going left, before we could go straight again, to the right it wasn't so bad. I never noticed this before except in a tight circle, cause she turns when you pick up the rein, but its a stiff turn.

The restorers came and delivered all our stuff back and it sure doesn't look like much.

I also got an email from the guy I traded my Belgians to, and he has them driving and is gonna send me some pics of them, I'm so excited. So I sent him one of me riding Princess and gypsy getting all fat and furry. The want to see her foal, because she used to be his wife's riding horse, so I wanna get some good ones of that.

Oh ya, I am still almost pain free in my shoulder, I should never underestimate my chiropractor, he knew what he was talking about, wow, I still cant believe it doesn't hurt, except a little tender, but wow!


Shirley said...

Great to hear your shoulder is better. Have you thought of getting a horse chiro for Razz? If her neck is out it might be why she is stiff.There are stretches you can do on her that will help to limber her up too.

Crystal said...

ya, the lady i ride with is a massage thereapist for horses and she will do one, we just have to set up a time

lisa said...

I have been taking english riding (dressage) to get over my fear issues at my bosses stable and I can't believe how much balance you achieve by doing it. When I get back in my western saddle it will feel like a cadillac!