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Monday, July 16, 2012

Legoland Waterpark

Last Tuesday we headed back to Legoland cause we had another day paid for and they have a pretty cool waterpark and we figured it would make it kinda like a day off.  They had lots of cool waterslides and stuff so it was lots of fun.
 (the main slide stand)
( Me comin down the waterslide)
 (Tristan concentrating on building a dam)
 (the lazy river, I loved this!)
 (Jaret found a new friend)
(Even a Lego lifeguard)
Afterwards we headed back through the park and saw a few things we missed last time so we got them as well.
 (The reason we walked through the park, lions on the bridge, like in 
Calgary on Centre Street Bridge)
 (The Eiffel Tower)
 (Las Vegas)
 (A sign telling how far stuff is away, I like Moon - One Giant Leap away)
 (Mount Rushmore)
 (the Taj Mahal)
(Sydney Opera House)
 (Lego Volvo)
(My new Lego family, lol)
It was a shorter day which we needed for a change instead of walking around all day long.

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