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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Berry Picking

So I got the lawn mowed today and its sure not as perfect as I like it will probly mow again in a few days and try to chew up some of the grass sitting on top and then trim and it should be good.

But I did notice that there was still water sitting in the tree roots 4 days after our last "shower" of an inch and a half.

And in case I was bored its saskatoon time here.  The FIL come out and we went out for a couple hours and got a few pails filled.  Then I called my neighbor and they come out and picked for a while till the mosquitos got us pretty bad.

And I seen a pretty cool heron type bird, haven't looked him up yet so don't know what it is.  In a dam full of water that is usually empty all year round.

And the creek is still full to the banks and running over the beaver dam.

And we were being watched by a deer the whole time we were down there, they are so cute when they have the velvet on the antlers, it looks so think and fuzzy.

But I think if I get the horses in I will be able to ride in the early morning and the mosquitos are not too bad and before it gets too hot.  And tonight I founda  new trail in the creek I want to try.  I was gonna bring Jessie back to Teresas for a couple weeks so I could ride in her arena out of the bugs, but after mowing and picking berries and not being eaten alive til the sun started going down I think I will be fine at home.


Cheyenne said...

I seriously think you live in one of the prettiest places in Alberta.

Linda said...

I enjoyed your trip;) Great pictures too b.t.w. I haven't looked for saskatoons because the thought of feeding mosquitoes to get them just isn't worth it.