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Monday, July 16, 2012

Disney California Adventure Park

We took a day off and all we did was a little shopping and the boys played in the pool a lot and so we were well rested up for Thursday at California Adventures.  It's kinda weird how as you go into the park left is California Adventure and right is Disneyland, they literally are across the street from each other.  Its pretty cool.  We parked in a different area completely cause I ignored GPS lady cause I wanted to drive on Disney Way.  Sounded like the way to go to Disneyland, and it was.  We parked in the Woody parking lot and got on the cutest bus to take us to the park.

As we go inside we noticed the Mickey Mouse park benches.  There is a book on where to find all the hidden Mickey's in the park.  If we lived closer I think that would be a lot of fun to do.

We headed over to Carsland cause we heard there was a busy ride there but none of them sounded fun so we were on our way out and we saw Tow Mater and Lightning McQueen.

So we headed over to Paradise Pier and the California Screamer Roller coaster.  Let me tell you it lived up to its name, but was just the beginning of the scares for the day.  I actually didn't mind it, I like roller coasters best as rides and even a little scary is OK.

Then we headed over to Mickey's Ferris Wheel.  Sure is huge and looks really cute and innocent.  NOT!  We decided it looked kinda boring so we took the swinging cars.  That was a mistake!  It was horrible and wiggly and movey and just not fun.  We only did that one once that is for sure!  Shoulda known when we were in cages.

Then the Toy Story Arcade games.  Now that was fun!  We got to play all the games that are in the movies. it was so neat.  And they had a "live" Mr Potato head outside talking to the crowd.

And we saw a Parade from Toy Story and Bugs Life that was kinda cool, ending with Slinky Dog.

And we went through The Little Mermaid Story cause Heidi loves Ariel.

And we helped Mike and Sully from Monsters Inc rescue Boo.

And we stopped in a store to do some shopping and a parade was going by and it was Phineas and Ferb who Jaret LOVES so they watched that while we shopped, worked good.

And we went through a Bugs life and got to watch a show with our Bug eyes on.

As we were walking around we saw Characters here too.  Jaret met Flick from Bugs Life and we saw Chip and Dale and we saw Mickey in the trolley headed away.  And I posed with Walt and Mickey.  Which was funny cause Jaret wanted to pose with the "stranger" too, he didnt know who Walt Disney was!

And we went up to Grizzly Peak and on the water ride there, and we got soaked!  But it was nice cause we had planned ahead and brought ziplocks for our cameras and it was so hot out we were glad to be wet!

Then we headed to our last ride which was a terrible scary one.  I knew I didnt want to go on it but they made me.  And I did not like it one bit.  The Hollywood Tower of Terror.  It brings you to the 13th floor and  the elevator doors open and then close and in the dark drops down then up and the doors open again and then down and up again.  It was awful!  No more riding that kind of ride for me!

But the rest of the day was fun.  We also went on the Soarin Over California Ride which was pretty cool it takes you to many famous places in California on kinda a IMAX type visual ride that also has scents it was really cool!  I enjoyed it a lot.  And I wved to you Sam over the Orange Orchards :)  I preferred Disneyland over California Adventure however, but am glad we went to both.

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