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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Birthday Dinner

Yesterday we headed to Calgary to finally get together and celebrate mine, my sisters, my aunt Bonnie's and my nephew's birthdays.  They have all been over for a while but trying to get together was not working well until yesterday. My mom and Clint also came and brought my Grampa.  I can't believe how warm it was there, plus 4, and we left and headed home and just outside Calgary was -19.  That is not fair, I was hoping we would get some warmth, and maybe we will it will just be a little slower getting here.
(had to use the one with the eyes, lol)

I love all the stuff I got from them :)  It was a fun night of dinner at eating at Ricki's then afterwards we got family pictures taken.  Long day but worth it, we never got home till 12:30.

I got Eeyore jammies with feet and a Eeyore cell phone case from my sister,

A lap desk, a icey salad bowl, some socks for riding, an M &M key chain light, and a spoontula and ice cream scoop from Mom and Clint.  Already using the lap desk and it works awesome.  Way better than a hardcover book, lol

And From my Aunt a Pooh bear mug and a couple pair fuzzy socks, which I love, it is kinda cold in our house in the winter cause of poor insulation and so they are so awesome :)

All in all a good night and we looked at Christmas gifts from me and Neil to each other, we already decided what we are getting, now just gotta pick it out.


Marissa said...

Happy birthday! I have the same piggy spatula :) I love it! And I love warm fuzzy socks, i often wear them out with boots too haha

Country Gal said...

Happy Birthday !
I love the warm jammies and fuzzy socks as well as our old 100 year plus farm house here is drafty . Oh the lap desk is awesome . Glad you all had a nice time . Great photos ! Have a good evening !

Cheyenne said...

NOTHING beats warm, fuzzy socks! yay!

Happiest of birthdays! Sounds like a fun evening out---sometimes getting home late is worth it!

fernvalley01 said...

Sounds like a great outing, and great goodies too

Paint Girl said...

Happy Birthday! I love warm, fuzzy socks! I am always cold so anything that helps keep me warm is a must!!
Sounds like you had a great time with your family!"

Cindy D. said...

happy Birthday, looks like you had a great time!

cdncowgirl said...

Happy birthday (belated oops)

Footie jammies?! LOVE it! And the socks!
(I'm weird, I have a thing for socks. I hate plain socks. They have to be colourful or have some kind of design.)

Shirley said...

You look great with your hair down!