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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Made and Broken

You know when you have one of those days, where you shoulda just gone back to bed and got up the next day???  Well that's how today went.  Actually started last night.  I got this really pretty candle holder from a friend last year and haven't used it a lot but thought I would yesterday.

About an hour after I lit the candles I heard this weird pop.  Didn't know what it was so just ignored it and then about 15 minutes later another pop and glass comes flying out.  I guess the glass they used was not good enough for candles or something, but suffice it to say 3 of 5 glasses broke.

Then I was gonna make jam yesterday but of course forgot to thaw the fruit overnight so I pulled it out in the morning only to find I never picked up the raspberries from my moms.  Ack, so I pulled out plums and made a batch of prune perogies and chokecherry juice and made 10 jars jelly.  Not what I was looking for to make for Christmas gifts, but at least it worked.

But I went to wash the dishes and had kinda big pile drying and one of the casserole dishes fell off the counter and broke, of course as it was falling I tried to rescue it and smashed my finger.  That's when I thought of going to bed and starting the day over again tomorrow.  But I continues on and even got the silverware moved to a better place with a nicer holder.  I am gonna move all the coffee and stuff to the other counter and hopefully i have more room to cook without getting in the way of making coffee.

Then the horses were almost out of hay and Neil had to curl at 9 so he said he would feed them when he got home.  All day they were looking hungry (they got that down pat, lol) so I thought they were out and he ended up curling again till after dark so he says tomorrow   I was feeling bad for them, dont want them to be out of food for a whole day so I got my truck and picked a square bale and went to take it to them.  I go in the pen and find they still have lots of hay they just cant reach it!  So I move it around and go put the bale back, that will certainly hold them till tomorrow 

And hopefully it will be a better day tomorrow.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

You could always move to Australia when you have another terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. lol!


Hang in there,

Marissa said...

Don't you hate those days? Feel better, those days can make us feel better and more thankful for the good days!