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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Equestrian Challenge Day 10

Day 10- How your family/friends feel about your riding

So how my family feels.

Well lets see.

My Mom and Step Dad are OK with it, although sometimes I think they get annoyed that I would pick to go riding over family stuff.  And they are right, I would pretty much pick riding over everything.  But as I get older (well I think that's why?) I would rather spend my family time with a few members at a time than the whole big crowds like we used to.  And they just don't get that.  Although they are supportive even if they don't even really know what cutting is, lol.

My sister she supports me I guess.  She understands better that is what I really like to do and she has a pretty busy life so we just find time in both our schedules to meet up and do stuff, seems to work pretty well.

My friends.  Well I have noticed over time that I really don't have many friends who I ride with.  I have neighbors who I like and visit with, but not sure they are friends.  And they sometimes think I am a little crazy when I want to ride everyday.    My riding friends support me and are trying to do what I am doing so it works well.  We also try to get together when we all can not ride and visit too, so that is nice cause seems like I am the only one riding now, for different reasons.


Country Gal said...

It's a passion something you love to do . Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas .

fernvalley01 said...

My family is pretty good about it too but like yours they don't always get that I would prefer my horses to a big crowd

Janice said...

I don't have any family here so I don't have to choose ....but if I did......you know what I'd choose:)Love the header it is so nice to see no snow.Sounds like you are keeping busy ,,,as usual. Have a wonderful Christmas with your hubby and family.