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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Equestrian Challenge Day 9

Day 09- Any injuries that occurred from riding

Somehow I am doing day nine on the 18th of the month, oops, oh well :)

Injuries from falling....well I can only remember 2.  I try not to fall off.  Sometimes I am not very graceful and it has been a while since I came off and I would like to keep it that way, specially since last time it was my own fault.  (usually is)

I was riding Gypsy, a kid safe horse in the arena at Jardi's and we were just loping around, and I could feel her saddle slipping a little to the inside so I just put a little extra weight in the outside stirrup and woosh the saddle slid all the way to the outside and I hit the wall and then the floor.  Ouch!  Boy was that stupid!  A friend was there and she took me to the ER (really slow on a Sunday night, lol) and he said nothing seemed serious and I had to go back the next day for x-ray on my shoulder.  I tried to get them to do my wrist cause it hurt worse but he said it was OK   I am still not sure it was, but later on it was still bothering me and I went to 3 different doctors and finally got told it was probly a torn quadrator muscle.  It took forever to heal, almost would rather a bone broke them soft tissue damage. (apparently I don't have any pics of Gypsy on this comp :( )

The first time was on my gelding Henry.  He was 2 and very green but good, I was also green but somehow we got along, he was forgiving and I didn't know any better.  He was a wedding gift from my father in law, we went to a sale and he said this was the only horse there he liked, so he bought him.  Figured if at 2 he could walk around the sale barn relaxed he would be OK at home.  Well it was about 2 weeks before my wedding and I had been riding pretty much everyday for the last month or so and he was really well behaved, so friend of mine came up and we were gonna ride through the cows.  i wanted to, they were right outside my fence but didn't want to do it alone.  But I hadn't anticipated how excited he would be to see other horses.  And he took off trotting around the yard and couldn't stand still and I didn't know enough to stop him and he went left and I went right and just fell off, I knew I was going and put my hands out to stop myself.  I got up and he was right beside me (probly wondering what I was doing on the ground)  I was gonna get back on and Doug said he thinks I should go to the doctor cause it looked broke.  I didn't think it was, hurt a little but I had just put my whole body weight on it of course it was gonna hurt.  But I am glad he did and Linda drove me to town and of course it was broke so I had a cast for my wedding!  The had to order in special the white color, cause they had no one who wanted white after they could get colors!  I was in every week for a new cast so I had many colors :)  It worked well, I had to do very little when I moved the few days afterwards though, I liked that.  And that was 8 years ago and it has never bothered me since.  I should scan in a wedding pic one day so you can see the cast in it, crazy!
(this was a few years later, he made a wonderful horse, I took him everywhere 
and everywhere I went they all loved him )


Paint Girl said...

I had more falls in my youth then my adult years. When I was in 7th grade my pony got stung by a bee and took off bucking, that was when I tore my ACL and miniscus but technology wasn't very good back then and it wasn't diagnosed until 7 yrs ago (that is when I had knee surgery). Yes I lived with serious pain for many, many years. Also had my barrel horse slip on the 3rd barrel when I was around 14 yrs old and she fell on me. No injuries thankfully! And the one I will never forget is from 7 yrs ago (8 months after knee surgery) when Fritzy dumped me. I have a bulging disc in my neck from that one. No broken bones though, knock on wood :)
It is definitely not fun coming off a horse, no matter the circumstances. But it does happen.
You should post your wedding photos of you in your cast. Too bad that happened right before your wedding! And thankfully you weren't hurt worse!

lisa said...

Boy, the injuries we sustain to ride. I finally learned that if you feel unsafe don't get on or get the hell off fast!

Louisa Valentina; said...

Haha I would love to see a wedding photo - that is actually hilarious (probably not at the time though). Glad you weren't a "Bride-zilla" and had a meltdown about it & white, what about neon green? that would have looked pretty stylin'.

cheyenne jones said...

I thought this post was excellent!Lol. But it brought back all the times I have fell off! If you dont mind, i`ll tell you!

Two broken wrists, back broken....twice! left leg broke, nose too! Oh yes! Shoulder bone gone too, I think that was...maybe twice, cant remember. Finally, and the most painful of all....right elbow, yep, that was a tad upsetting.
But I`m still at it, and couldnt give up if I tried, I just LOVE them horses!

Shirley said...

I've come off most of the horses I've ever owned and ridden, and that's a lot of horses,not Beamer though. I learned as I grew older that if there is a situation coming up where we might part ways, discretion is the better part of valour- get off while the gettin' is good! Like on the mountain trail ride where I got off for the creek crossings instead of getting in a fight about it.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Great post. I learned something new about you. What a hoot to have that happen right before your wedding. I'm glad it wasn't worse, though.
Henry sounds like an awesome horse.

I've only come off a horse twice. Once with a pony ride when I was little. Sustained a huge bruise on my thigh and hip for that one.
And then came off my first horse 5 years ago when she teleported sideways, and I severed my ACL for that one which required surgery to replace the ACL.
Then less than 6 months later, my mare pulled back while tied to a pipe rail fence and the welds came loose. The pipe hit me in the arm and I slammed into the ground, breaking that same knee that I had just had the ACL surgery on!
Scariest for me was when my Apache kicked me in the eye. I was so thankful afterwards that I was still alive, but suffered vision problems for several months and it took me a year before I truly felt comfortable walking behind my horse again.

I really thought I might give up on horses after that last incident, but I'm glad I didn't. I can't imagine my life without horses in it.....especially my Apache mare :)