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Friday, January 27, 2017

Horse Search is Over....and A Ride on Jess

Sunday I loaded up Jessie and drove to Hanna to meet a friend.  I picked her up and we headed to Forestburg to try another couple horses for her.  I brought Jess cause might as well ride while up there.  I had been to this arena a couple years ago, its where I tried out and traded Kali for Dee.  It's a cool arena that used to be a hockey rink then the town wanted a new hockey rink so said it was condemned so they got more grant money and built a new arena.  A few years back a few people figured it would make a good riding arena and so they talked to a bunch of people got an inspector out turns out not condemned and the town gave it to the ag society.  They spent a few years cleaning it up and getting sand.  Now it has roping chutes and they are still working on heaters, the one over the bleachers works but the others not so much.  But still nice to ride in.  Even better than when I was there last more organized.

She tried out the 2 colts really liked the filly and so she bought her.  Wasn't planning on buying right away but it was just such a good fit, exactly what she was looking for and she had talked a lot to the owners before so it was done.  Worked out good actually since I had my trailer there I just hauled her to my house.  She is still here till the weekend just couldn't get a time together.

(Filly in Summer clothes)

(the gelding, he was nice too but bigger and she really wanted a filly)

Shes pretty sweet, just 2 and shes been saddled and lunged and sat on.  No rides yet but just calm about everything she will be a good one.  And shes so friendly its kinda nice considering some of the others we have looked at.

(have to get pics of her while eating cause otherwise shes too close)

Now the search is over and we have no excuse to go galavanting all over the countryside lol.  It was fun

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Equine Seminar 1

On Saturday Energy Equine had a clinic at their vet practice and it sounded super good so I wanted to go and so I did.  Its a vet who is really trying hard to get vets, farriers and bodyworkers to work together.  So he is putting on clinics of everyone to get info out there.  It was 2 bodyworkers Saturday, one talking about the SI Joint and the other the Stifle.  Mainly focused on performance horses but talked about others as well.

I thought was very interesting as I have trouble with my SI Joint, I say hip/back cause no one knows what the SI Joint is and its just easier.  But my ligaments are too long and they don't hold everything together like they should.  But horses are different of course they walk on 4 legs.  They had a sample horse Posh and she was having a little trouble but nothing really serious and so it turns out her bones were quite unlevel and she said it probly caused the horse to push her hip out one way on a circle and the other had trouble not falling in, they asked the owner and that was happening.  She also showed us a bunch of stretches we could do and in her tummy tuck she saw no movement in the lower lumbar area and spasms in the SI Joint so said to get a vet check to make sure no other issues there and then she would work on it said was common and wasn't hard to fix.

Then we had lunch and visited and then Sarah talked about the Stifle joint, they are both in the same lecture cause they are quite often related in injuries.  She did a lot of the same stuff and showed us bad issues and how to keep them strong as well.  Then the talk kinda morphed into conditioning cause she said that is a big issue the horse seems fit but they ligaments and tendons take way longer than lungs and muscles do to get into condition.

The vet jumped in and said he agrees a horse takes 90-120 days to get to fit performance level.  A lot longer than most people give.  I had heard that before as well just not for a long time.  He also said he doesn't think horses (besides babies) should have more than a week off.  He says lower their work level but otherwise it takes too long to get back.  And I thought pasture would be good work and he said it is but wearing a saddle and carrying a rider is like weight lifting and they sure don't do that on their own.  I feel like I should be getting Easy in already yikes!

One other comment he made which sounds easy till you think about it was.  "We get fit to do the sport not do the sport to get fit"  Which I understood for my horse but I was doing the opposite for myself, gonna have to change that I guess.  Another one of Feb 11 on the neck and shoulder, I am already signed up.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Stupid Back

Been so nice the last couple days.  Was 12 yesterday and water sitting everywhere, 10 today and almost all our snow is gone.  We went to look at another horse yesterday, not really what shes looking for so moving on.  But they were friends so it was nice to visit with them as well.  They work for the people where Bailey was born, that was kinda fun too.

I planned on riding today was getting dressed when I backed up and turned and kinked my back.  I'm sure I've done it a million times but this time just right and there it goes.  So today is spent doing nothing, pretty boring but necessary.  I got a chiro appointment tomorrow so I should be good after that.  The microwave guy came and fixed ours, he says its a problem with the main board but it works for now it might forever or it might not.  A new board is 200 so hope we dont need to do that.  But still cheaper than a new microwave I guess.

I got the results for Jess and Razz 5 panel and color/pattern back and just as I expected both negative and no pattern for Jess and Razz is smokey black carrying red gene.

I also called the owner of the stallion and left a message but he hasn't got back to me.  I'm kinda nervous phoning when I don't even know what to say lol.  But he will so I'm sure will ask me a lot too.

And sharing this link here too for WITWIK which I had not heard of before Mrs Shoes blog but it is such a sad story I hope they find her and get her back to her mother. You can clink the word or the pic to go to the webpage.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Finally Farrier Day

I've been waiting forever for my farrier to call.  Well maybe not forever but it seems like it cause he won't come when its so cold out and I don't blame him.  So I was first on the list and he called when I was out riding was gonna come out but was too late.  So I called him back and he come out Tuesday.  Yay!!  I wish I woulda taken a before shot of Pally's feet they were so bad, she has a crack and her feet kinda pancake out cause of it.  He trimmed it pretty short and said I have to call him if it starts spreading or he will come back in 6 weeks, Mar 1, and trim it up and the crack should be gone.

I went out and caught all the mares, gave myself lots of time in case the geldings were far far away and of course as soon as I open the gate and call them they come running, Easy first of course :)  I had them locked in the alleyway cause sometimes Jax is a dork to catch and sure enough lol.  I got Easy first and he was a bit sketchy till I talked him down and then was his sweet normal self.  Not really looking forward to putting the first ride on him come spring.  Then George and he was good so thought get Jax at the same time and save me some walking but no he didn't want any of that.  So I take George away and of course Jax tried to make a break for the gate but I'm wise to his tricks now and he got thwarted on that one.  I'm hoping one day he quits that nonsense and I think he will when hes in and worked consistently.  I came back and he just stood there, I guess no fun running around when you are the only one left.

(George and Jax)

(Jess, Razz and Pally)

Then I was about half hour early but that's OK they stood nice and patient.  I like having them tied for a bit before the farrier gets there they seem better.  Razz was a bit fidgity with her feet for some reason but everyone else was good.  Was good timing now that I am gonna start riding cause its warmer out feet are all ready too.  And I got a pretty good look at the geldings and they seem fine, not over fat but sure not thin either so that made me feel good.  I see them everyday but not necessarily up close and touching.

(Look I'm bigger than you Jess!)

Jessie has been felling good haha as soon as I let her free she runs around just by herself.  Then Razz and she just goes to the feeder same old.  And Pally she rolled and played with Jess its fun watching them.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

1st Ride of the Year

On Sunday it was so nice out I had to go riding.  I took Jess and saddled her in my barrel saddle and off we went out to the pasture.  She is feeling good wanted to trot the whole time crazy girl.  But I made her walk most of it.  The snow was quite deep in some places and she had to work fairly hard.

After a bit she was wanting to go back.  So back we did to the arena.  Haha.  Her buddies are right across from there so everyone can see everyone else.  Razz was calling the whole time we were gone, she's not like that.  Afterwards I realized all 3 mares were in heat, ugh.

(Jess's favorite part of the ride lol)

(pretty fun app, tracks time and I can write what we did)

But in the arena fresh snow just calls for something to be done so after a couple outside laps I wrote Jessie's name in the snow.  How fun!  I don't know how to dot the I but that's OK.  Sure was a fun afternoon.  I was exhausted after too from walking in the deep snow.

Cant wait to go again, yesterday was cold and today I am going swimming and its warm out but a chinook wind and I don't like wind so maybe tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Winter Maintenance and Trouble

On the 3rd I took Jess in to get her teeth done.  It was so cold who knows why I went when it was so cold but I did anyways.  Shes good as always, was about a year and a half since shes been done and she had a small hook on her one back side and a few points.  Not that she was suffering from it, she's as big as a house!

She was a bit dozy, so we stayed in the clinic for a while I had a coffee and visited, they aren't that busy in January with large animal stuff yet so its a nice time to go.  The sun was shining in was nice.  And then it stayed cold for ever and so I still haven't rode.  Today is only -6 but the wind is just miserable.  I went out for a a bit and man it hurts my lungs.  Which sucks cause now I won't be home till Sunday for another chance to ride :(

Then when I got home that day the waterer quit it was working that morning but not now so I took Jess over to the new cows one and she wasn't interested which I figured, but Razz was staring at the water trough and me then the water trough pretty obvious what she wanted so I caught her and took her over and she drank for quite a while, its slow coming in that one so while we were there the cows came over to visit and see what we were doing.  Almost pet B18 but not quite she was OK with touching me but not the other way around lol.  Pally didn't want to be caught wasn't interested in the water at all so finally I got to leave the cold outside and go in.  And then Neil comes in an hour later saying its working and none of my horses would drink guess they weren't thirsty anymore

Thursday, January 5, 2017

2 Hour Round Bread

In the actual article she calls it peasant bread, maybe that's what it is but I was looking for a round loaf and found a couple but this one was by far the easiest and so I made it and it is easy and quick and most important it tastes good!  There was so many that wanted me to rest the bread for 12-18 hours haha so not happening I would totally forget about it and have to start over....not good for me.

So the recipe is here :  My Mothers Peasant Bread

I made both the original with 2 smaller bowls and then I made it all in one bigger bowl, both worked well, although the smaller ones made more decent sized slices for bread.  But I used the bigger ones as a spinach dip bowl and a pull apart bread and they worked perfect for them.

Yes I got the recipe from Pinterest that's my go to now when I want to find stuff.  Although have to do some sorting through there as well cause I hate pins that are just a list linking to other websites that's annoying and I hate seeing a million and one ways to do stuff, just one item per pin please.  But I have found so much stuff on there its dangerous haha can easily waste a couple hours looking through there.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New Years 2017

Haha Im a bit late but Happy New Year everyone.  Time to make resolutions and blah blah blah.  Actually I like making resolutions and I really like lists and keeping track of stuff so this year I am trying something new and made myself a binder for all the important stuff.  Still working on it and what I like and dont like but after 3 days I like it so far, nice to have everything in one place.

Last year I had lots of goals (written here) and some got done and some changed and some just never got thought of again.  Well this year is a little different I have fewer goals but bigger ones.

1.  Get out and cut, so much so that I am no eligible for the 2000 class in any NCHA show.  I said something last year and Doug said it was possible in a year but wont be easy.  That OK who needs easy anyways...and I got Easy (the horse, lol)  Also in this goal is another one of getting more fit.  I kinda been slacking last few years and I notice it when i ride now and if I wanna be competitive I need to be ready to ride and so I started a workout routine, got it all planned out which helps at least I know what I should be doing when.

2.  Big scary news (for me anyways)  If all goes well I am gonna breed Jess this year, sent away her 5 panel test and they were doing a special for either color or pattern, well shes sorrel no doubting that so I did pattern, she has a lot of white including a belly spot so we will see, not that it matters the stud Im thinking of is sorrel with white too so I kinda know the color of the foal already.  Dont care about color but if it turns out well I am gonna put himéher in training.  Yikes!  Unless it sells haha and then Ill do it again :)  But also because of this this fall I am gonna look at getting a bred mare so I have 2 foals they seem better that way.  But I will be picky cause if I dont breed Jess back Ill probly wanna ride the mare so she has to be broke.  Well that was a longer goal than I expected but kinda needed to be.  No plans to breed Razz yet, I cant find a stallion I like enough for her.  But Im sure I will eventually.

3.  Clean out old house.  Ya that was on my last year list but we just got the garage finished (after a good 6 months grrr)  and this week just moved a freezer and fridge over so I couldnt do much before then althoguh I been slowly working on it.

4.  Ride more.  And Drive more.  Now that I got Jax and a cart and harness for him I plan on doing a lot of driving :)  and last year was a really poor year for riding so I will definitely have to up my game this year, specially with Easy he will need exercise at least 5 probly  days a week.  Im gonna start ponying him so hes not always rode will be nicer for him and hopefully get him more comfortable in the pastures.  And to have more I need a starting amount.  According to AQHA I have 24.5 All breed hours and 98.5 AQHA hours for a total of 123.  Which is a lot more than I thought, most of it while Easy was boarded last winter but I need at least twice that to get through this year.

Oh and Shirley the mermaid, I got a better pic so you can see it, I love it!  And Mrs Shoes I sure will share the recipe.  tomorrow if I get time :)