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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Stupid Back

Been so nice the last couple days.  Was 12 yesterday and water sitting everywhere, 10 today and almost all our snow is gone.  We went to look at another horse yesterday, not really what shes looking for so moving on.  But they were friends so it was nice to visit with them as well.  They work for the people where Bailey was born, that was kinda fun too.

I planned on riding today was getting dressed when I backed up and turned and kinked my back.  I'm sure I've done it a million times but this time just right and there it goes.  So today is spent doing nothing, pretty boring but necessary.  I got a chiro appointment tomorrow so I should be good after that.  The microwave guy came and fixed ours, he says its a problem with the main board but it works for now it might forever or it might not.  A new board is 200 so hope we dont need to do that.  But still cheaper than a new microwave I guess.

I got the results for Jess and Razz 5 panel and color/pattern back and just as I expected both negative and no pattern for Jess and Razz is smokey black carrying red gene.

I also called the owner of the stallion and left a message but he hasn't got back to me.  I'm kinda nervous phoning when I don't even know what to say lol.  But he will so I'm sure will ask me a lot too.

And sharing this link here too for WITWIK which I had not heard of before Mrs Shoes blog but it is such a sad story I hope they find her and get her back to her mother. You can clink the word or the pic to go to the webpage.


Country Gal said...

Sorry to hear you have hurt your back , Hope it gets better soon for you . Microwaves have come down in price now you can get nice new ones that does all kinds of things for about $ 250 I had to get a new one last year and I love it . It has been mild but gloomy rainy and dreary all our snow is gone now all we need now is some sunshine haven't seen that in days . Thanks for sharing , Have a good week and take it easy .

TeresaA said...

OUch- I hate it when my back spasms. It really hurts! I hope you heal soon

Shirley said...

We got an over the stove microwave with a charcoal filter for 150 at home depot.
I guess since Razz does not have the bay gene since she is aa, not Aa or AA, that she can't be called buckskin. Will you get her papers corrected? She's a true smokey black.

Crystal said...

Shirley--APHA doesn't recognize smokey black as a color so it dont matter if I change it they will probly call her brown...whatever I know what she is.

Country Gall--And our microwave is also a stove fan so its not a cheap one. But so far so good used it today and its ok for now. We got a surge protector that should help it from future power bumps.

Sherry Sikstrom said...

Sorry I hate it when my back decides to shut me down! Hope you are better soon
waiting for results on my boys, hope its soon