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Just a list of all my horse I have her now, I will try to keep updated as much as possible.
For further pedigree research try all breeds pedigree

WS Hesastar--

My only gelding, he's my cutter and hes super cool, we can have a rough day and just go and win the class.  Hes been at a trainers barn his whole life and so he doesn't know how to be alone he gets really insecure unless you are riding him hes super good alone.  We've been steadily improving on showing and now hes home for the summer to learn to be a ranch horse as well as a cutter.  Its interesting.  I've only had him since December so we are still learning.

Little Summer Razz DC  --  2006 APHA Buckskin Tobiano Mare

Razz is my favorite horse right now to ride, she is so soft and athletic and sensitive.  She has made me a better rider because I really have to pay attention to what I am asking cause it doesn't take much to get her to do something.  We have started cutting and she is pretty cowy, I already knew she was super athletic, but she's reminding me as we work the flag and cows.  She is not for sale for any price, although she is the only one that has been asked about to buy (Twice!)

                                                           Skippa Lark (QH)
                                     Skippa Little (QH)
                                                          Skips Orchid (QH)
WQP Skippalittle Lena (Cremello Solid)
                                                          Skip Poco Dot (QH)
                                     Pieces of Lena (QH)
                                                         Kona Leodocs (QH)
                                                         A Summer Breeze (Black Tobiano)
                                      KWS Jusbreezin Thru ( Black Tobiano)
                                                         Rebels Miss Amy (Black Tobiano)
DC Tazlastsummerking (Black Tobiano)
                                                         Super Paint (Black Overo)
                                   Super Bonnee Oak (Black Tobiano)
                                                         Ebony Dude Doll (Black Tobiano)

Pally -2002?  Palomino Pony Mare

Pally is also a recent addition here,  I am tired of climbing up high not very agile so I got me a pony, she used to be used for barrel racing and poles and all rodeo stuff as well as chasing cows and riding down the ditch.  I bought her as my ranch horse and she is a lot of fun already :)

Maiden Dixie -- 2005 Sorrel AQHA Mare

Jessie is my cutting horse.  I got her in January 2012 and she is so awesome.  She is well trained and has taught me so much about cutting.  I love her.  She is a really good teacher cause she won't do it right unless I ask her correctly so I have to be correct as well.  We have only gone to one show so far, but I am going to clinics and lessons and hope more shows soon as I have time. She is also an exceptional ranch horse, everyone loves her, totally safe.  She has roped a couple calves at branding time.  She also has taught beginners to ride(my nephew) She is for sale now.

                                             Dual Pep
                          Kit Dual
                                            Pretty Little Kitty
          Dixie Kit
                                            Haidas Little Pep
                          Peppy San Flower
                                            Handy Flower
                                           Tivio Jess
                          Freckles Tivio Jess
                                            Cleo Pan
        Maiden Jessie
                                           Leo Tolo
                          Leo Tolo Maiden
                                          Cheeko Five
FC Double Dee--2005 Palomino AQHA Mare

Dee is a super quiet gentle horse.   Shes easy to catch, loves attention but is impatient.  She will paw and wiggle while tied and she just doesn't do standing still very well.  But shes a lot of fun to ride cause she is totally safe.  I took her to a clinic last fall and had a blast on her even though she really doesn't like to lope much or steer very well.  But so fun.  Shes been out gathering cows and she is real good at that.  Shes for sale as well, too many to ride :(

                                                         Dee Flip
                                                  FC Wily Return
                                                         Fancy Return
                                  FC Coy Willy
                                                         Beau Bonanza
                                                  Alana Beau
                                                         Alana Sue
FC Double Dee
                                                          Doc's Dee Bar      
                                                  Dee Flip
                                                          Little Lady Flip
                                  Dee Magic Top
                                                          Ohs Magic
                                                  Ohs Magic Watch
                                                          Watch Harriet
BBR Miss Uniquity --2014 Bay Tobiano APHA Mare

Trio is a sweet little 2 year old mare, I haven't done a lot with her but she is quiet and loves pets and cookies.  I do plan on getting her started, not sure if I will do it or a pro but someone will and then I will probly end up riding her for a year and selling her cause shes just gonna be too big, shes already the same size as Razz and Jess.

                                                      Mr Lightning Bug(sorrel toby)
                                             Lightning Sting (sorrel toby)
                                                      Jans Sweet Pea (sorrel qh)
                             Eldorados Duke (chestnut toby)
                                                      Eternal Tradition (Sorrel overo)
                                             Eldorados Jaguar (brown solid)
                                                       Rose of Sharon (bay qh)
BBR Miss Uniquity
                                                       Target Class (sorrel toby)
                                             Class Time (black toby)
                                                        Texas Cue Time (bay toby)
                              Silkin Sugar (black toby)
                                                        SpotsDotsandMore (brown toby)
                                             Ima Shinin Silk (black toby)
                                                        Ima Bit Tippy (black solid)