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Saturday, March 4, 2017

2 more rides for Easy

Well cows, They are coming Monday morning and gonna run all our cows and bulls through the chute and do the scratch test and draw blood on them and record everything with thier ear tag numbers.  Then we turn them out and they come back Thursday and look and see who has reacted, cut them into a different pen and look up their number and send the blood for testing.  Those are called reactors and I believe they will kill them as well.  However cows can react to Avian TB as well that's why the blood test.  Its gonna be a really long day and I'm hoping a lot warmer than it is today or at least less windy.

But in good news rode Easy yesterday and today and he seems fine, it will be a while till his sores heal but I buted him before we rode yesterday and not today and he seems fine.  I was worried about by his armpit where the cinch goes but it seemed fine and I made sure I cinched pretty slow.  We actually did something different, I left Jess behind and just hauled him and a friends horse and he was a perfect boy.  She was surprised thought he'd be a bit crazy but he didn't care about anything.  Jess called a bit but by the time we left the yard she just went to the shed and pouted.  Its OK I know she can handle it she just doesn't want too.  He was a bit concerned when we went in the arena but when I got on him was normal again, probly just was thinking I was gonna tie him there again. Got a cute pic of him and Jess in the shed but then left my camera in town which sucks cause probly not going back till Tuesday....how will I survive???


TeresaA said...

I'm glad that Easy is being 'easier'.

I hope that the cows will be okay.

lisa said...

I hate to say it, but I am so glad that my job doesn't entail having to work outside for long ;)

Mrs Shoes said...

Fingers crossed Monday goes good & you have no other reactors.

Ruth said...

Even though I love my job now I miss working with cows sometimes!! Glad Easy was okay!