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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Lazy Sunday

Well when I got home last night Neil said he got a text from my phone that I left it in the IGA.  So he asked her to bring it to customer service and then they phoned last night to say they had it and we asked them to keep it there until I got to town next.  But then my swimming neighbor was having supper and she saw my Facebook post and messaged me if I wanted her to pick it up so she did and I met her at the corner.  Whew, I felt so lost without it guess I better be more careful next time.

But here's the cute pics of the ponies hanging out in the shed, watching me :) And today I am doing very little cause I know will be a long day tomorrow.

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Mrs Shoes said...

Hey Crystal, I hope the results in the herd are all good.
Posted that recipe you were looking for today. :-)