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Friday, March 10, 2017

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting

Yesterday was the day they came back and looked for reactors.  There was one blood reactor they were looking for, called her Eliza.  Not sure that was the name of the test of what.  We had 25 other cows who reacted to the injection and 2 bulls.  Sounds like they are gonna kill all them but we are not sure when.  I think they will do a tissue test on them and that takes 12 weeks to grow.  But now they are not sure whether to take them cause they are pregnant and due in a monthish or wait.  Personally it sucks either way but I think its kinder to kill the cows now then to calve them out and kill cows and calves.  But again we wait for a phone call to see what we are doing.  Oh and the LIS (Livestock inspection services) came out and read the brands on every cow, that took a bit longer than necessary but they actually were pretty quick, helps they have done it a million times.  They shaved a few but that was quick as well.

I also woke up Tuesday with a sore throat and was coughing a bit, didn't think too much of it just thought it was cause of the cold and being outside then Wednesday I was feeling worse and coughing way more so we got extra help and it's a good thing, the cows were not too keen on going back in but they were not that bad.  But ya today its worse.  And I have to go to a tack sale tomorrow.  Which I want to go to but boy do I feel horrible!  Guess its time for cold drugs and hope it gets better.  I am always paranoid about getting it in my lungs cause they are bad.

And its snowing again, can this ever end???


Mrs Shoes said...

So 26 pregnant cows & 2 bulls -- would you mind saying how much those cattle are worth? I'm guessing in the neighbourhood of $80K? Probably guessing low. Gosh Crystal, I sure do hope you are fairly compensated for this loss.
And do they kill & haul away the carcasses, or what happens around that, do you know?

One of our friends (the Frutcher!) is a raw milk lover & used to be able to sell it in this province under the farm gate principle. Then the gov't stepped in (this is quite a long while back, but his story) & said no one could sell raw milk anymore & when he pressed for further explanation was told it was because of bovine TB.

TeresaA said...

I also sorry to hear this. Ranching/farming is not for the weak of heart.

Shirley said...

When you said kill them all, are you talking about the whole herd or just the ones who reacted? Sure hope it isn't all of them!
Oh- and if what you have is what's going around- don't go anywhere, stay home in bed. It hits you like a freight train on about the 3rd day. Hope you feel better soon!