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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Daily Rides With Jessie

I am supposed to be riding every day and keeping Jessie in shape.  The longer I have to do this the more work it seems.  Pretty silly really since I really do like her and I really do enjoy riding her, but somehow when you HAVE to do it its not as much fun.  And I been riding by myself pretty much all year except a couple rides and lessons and brandings.  So to make it more interesting I try to have a plan in mind of where we will go and what we will do before the ride, last time was check the hay fields.

We go out North of our house and through the unused horse pasture, and then the gate is open on that end and we head East out towards the farm fields.  Neil has been cultivating again so its all nice and soft but we bypass it today.  Keep going and on the other side of the road is the first hayfeild.  The alfalfa sure is doing good this year, really seems to like the rain and cooler temps we been having (not like me).  It up past Jessie's knees already and still got a couple weeks to go before we think about cutting it.

I stopped and let her have a bite, pretty hard to resist that when its at nose height and since she doesn't try to eat grass on her own a treat is nice.  I also had a drink and a granola bar I had packed in my horn bags.  I have gotten so used to taking them with me everywhere, i love having a drink along.

Then we headed farther east and saw some Antelopes, for some reason they were kinda wild and run from us even though we were only walking.  Musta had babies somewhere although I did not see any.

Then we started our way home and we saw the school bus come into my neighbors yard, she is the bus driver and it always trying to get me to get my bus licence but I am trying to avoid it, lol.

And farther along we saw a curlew and boy was he noisy!  I wonder if we got to close to their nest, but never saw that either, finally he sat down and let me get a picture of him.

Then we headed home and since Jessie is terrible on walking in a straight line we quite often follow trails  out there to give her something to watch, but I still have to keep up with it or she is just wandering again.  So we do different trail training.

Then at home and the other girls are so happy to see us they make a big ruckus, wish the wouldn't that's why I have 2 in there but they still do.  Since it was kinda humid I gave her a hosing down and washed her tail and braided it  up, she looks all pretty like a show horse again :)

With her new fly sheet and mask on as well.  Never really used a mask but she seems to like it, I saw her out later grazing while the others were hiding in the shed.


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

I'm always in awe of your riding space. Grass for as far as you can see - no houses, no roads, not even trees. As long as it doesn't get too hot, it's probably a horse's dream. Lots of good eatin' and she doesn't have to worry about Boogey Men jumping out from behind things.

Cindy D. said...

I'm with Nuz, pretty jealous of all that wide open space. I would gladly go ride with you out there any time!