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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Snakes and Sunsets

As I was walking across the patio to the garden shed to get a pic of all the piled up wood I saw the ground wiggle and could hear the tiniest noise.  So I stop and there was a little tiny garter snake looking up at me.  Would been fine just seeing him and leaving but he was sticking his tongue out and it was just neat so I stuck around a bit and got a few pics of him.

And later that evening as I was taking my nightly walk (that should be a run but isn't yet) I took the pics of the trees on the road where they cut, but on the other side of the road was a really pretty sunset so I got way too many photos of it so I thought I would share a couple.


Cindy D. said...

aw what a cute little guy.
Gorgeous sunsets!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Well, seeing your pics and video of a snake makes up for me missing the snake that my friend spotted just about an hour ago. She said it was really big and it moved fast under a bush, spooking my horse. I ran over to see what kind of snake it was, but it disappeared down a hole.

Cut-N-Jump said...

I'm not a fan of snakes, but at least it was one of a non-poisonous variety. Kinda cute actually.

Your susnsets are gorgeous too! With or without all of the trees

fernvalley01 said...

Not a snake gal myself but the pics are cute, beautiful sunsets

Marissa Rose said...

What a cute little guy!

Shirley said...

Sure is a colorful snake. Not a snake fan here!
Sunday Stills next week is Sunsets/Sunrise so maybe you could share more of the photos then.