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Friday, June 14, 2013

Our 2013 Branding

It was kinda chaos on the day we branded here.  Because of the rain I was so far behind on the deck and I kinda wanted it done for branding.  Turns out the morning of branding i spent 5 hours screwing down deck boards.  Neil carried all the lumber over and his dad cut and drilled starter holes for me.  We got it so it was use able and had lots of compliments on it but wow I was tired by 2 and we hadn't even started branding yet.  It still needs the step around the outside and one up to the door, but close enough for now.

The riders showed up not long after that and the left about 3 to go round up.  I never helped again this year, too tired and they had lots of help.  I came inside and started getting the meal ready and then Neil's Mom and sister showed up and they helped and the Susan and Char showed up and they helped as well.  We got everything pretty well ready and so I took Susan and Char out to the corrals and we watched for a while.  I only got 3 pics of our whole branding but I was so busy talking I forgot to take some, lol.  We stayed a while then headed back inside to finish up the meal.

All in all it went well, everyone got lots to eat, I got a lot of visiting in and could finally relax and enjoy the deck that evening.  A couple hanger oners stayed till 11 visiting but it was nice out so we visited too.  I went to bed pretty well as soon as they left, I was exhausted.  Good thing the branding the next day wasn't till after lunch.

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fernvalley01 said...

holy smokes girl! what a day!