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Monday, June 10, 2013

Tree Trimming

A couple years ago, a lady from ATCO (the power company) came out and asked it it was OK if she mark some trees that are getting close to the power lines they want to cut down.  Neil says its OK as long as they clear out all the trees on the North side of the road.  I did not want them to get rid of them all, I know they collect snow but its so hard to grow a tree in this country it just seems a shame to get rid of them all.  Well a week or so ago we wake up to trucks on our road.  I guess they finally come out to trim the trees.  Pretty cool trucks they got, the bucket can swing 65 feet away from the truck so they can get pretty much anywhere.  And the saw is run by hydraulics and super quick!  The cut quite a few trees out, although its hard to tell where cause they cut em right down to the ground.  Except the one, they cut 2 trunks off  but left the third, looked weird to me, but it is curving away from the power lines.  And I don't think they cut any of the ones Neil wanted, lol he thinks the lady was just agreeing with him to make it easier for her.

They also had wood chippers with them and they chipped up all the trees and then asked if we wanted them and so we said to dump them by the garden and we will find a use for them.  There was a lot more than we figured there would be!  But we got looking and some are pine needles and we had no pine trees so they were not just ours.  As they were leaving we asked the guy if he could cut down the one dead branch in our yard that sticks up and looks awful and he said sure it would take him no time.  And it sure did not, within 10 minutes he had cut down the dead branches and had his truck ready to go again.  We tried to pay him but he would not take our money.  Pretty nice!  And our tree looks so much better, but as he was leaving we saw another dead branch but we figured that was too much to ask and that tree is pretty close to the edge of the yard, we can maybe get the tractor in there to get to it.

We just told them to trim the tree and we would cut it up for firewood seeing as they just unloaded their trucks, but wow we did not realize how much firewood it would be!  I think we are set for the whole summer, and its dry already cause it was dead.  Cant wait to have a fire :)


lisa said...

very nice! We still have a pile of logs that we need to process for the coming winter. Its always nice to have pile already and ahead of schedule. Crystal, go on over to my blog, I am doing a contest!

Cindy D. said...

One of those times when modern technology really comes in handy. That was nice of him to trim that for you for free.

gowestferalwoman said...

that was very nice they trimmed the dead branch for you - it can get pretty pricey when you have to hire a tree trimmer!

Shirley said...

hey- making s'mores when you have your firepit going? Nice of them to trim for you.

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