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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Alberta Floods

So there is a lot of water flooding out rivers in Alberta.  Everywhere on the news has coverage and its just kinda crazy, mostly cause it was so unexpected.  A rainfall warning was posted but no one thought it would get this bad.  All the sudden water was washing out roads in Canmore and Banff and then High River the whole town got flooded and then Calgary, 100 000 people evacuated.  Kinda amazing really and scary at the same time.  My sister got moved out Thursday night and the water is now up to her lawn but has not reached the house yet.  My Grampa also got moved out of his retirement home and is staying with my uncle.  I will just share a couple pics of the flooded area and a couple my sister sent me of her place.

(My Sisters road Thursday night)

(my sisters house is the first one on the corner, 
the ripples are all around the storm drain, 
this was Friday at noon)

(Macloed and 17th Ave yesterday afternoon)

(Calgary Zoo even had to be evacuated)


Kalin said...

I heard about the zoo...so scary. I'd hate to be the one moving the lions!

Cindy D. said...

Oh wow, that is a lot of water. Hope everyone is ok.

lisa said...

Oh my, I sure hope the water doesn't reach your sisters house!