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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Im Back again

Well I'm back again. Seems so busy again, and no time to blog. I keep wanting to join Sunday stills, but I haven't been around on a Sunday to get it done yet, maybe this weekend.
I went to a friends son in laws welcome home from Afghanistan party on Saturday and actually had a lot of fun. There was a meal (with homemade pumpkin pie!) and then we all went swimming at the leisure centre, I had never been there before, and they have a wave pool, and a neat river that the current just flows around and around, real cool with a tube. And the water slide. I forgot how much fun swimming can be.

On Sunday, I went to Calgary to my sisters and spent the day visiting with her and the kids. We got up early Monday morning (5:45) and went to 50% off day at Value Village. I got 3 sleeveless shirts, dress pants, 4 tank tops, 2 dresses, a pair of shorts, and 3 hoodies, all for $80! It was lots of fun, and reminded me why I don't live in the city, event though my nephews tried to convince me I should.

Today I went and dropped off Dinero at Lanes, I took Bailey along for company and Lane started her 3 years ago and was surprised how much bigger she is. I went riding and rode Dot again and when I came home put Bailey out with George, and she wasn't happy to be out without her girl friends. But George was sure glad to have company again and followed her wherever she went. Pretty funny for the boss horse, lol.

We also picked a branding day, on the 27th and so I have a million things to get done before then. Will be nice to get that over with though.


CCC said...

I giggled all night in my sleep remembering how fun the water-slide was. Now you'll have Dinero to ride, next month probably eh? Was that 3 years ago that Lane started Bailey? Where does all the time go.

CCC said...

Can I guess a filly, for Belle, a palamino, on the 28 May.

Prince said...

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Shirley said...

How is Fly doing? More baby pics, please!

fernvalley01 said...

Sounds like you have been having fun . Busy time of year around here too! Hope the branding goes well

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Branding? The horses? Cows? Oh my! Sounds like a great time at the water park. I love floating in those lazy rivers. It's been years, though.
I'm glad you had a great time and got to go riding, too.