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Monday, May 3, 2010

May 3, 2010

I think I'm getting a cold and I'm not liking it. I keep hoping its just overtired or dehydrated or something, but its been 2 days and not getting better yet, so I guess its gonna be a cold, but hopefully that's all it will turn out to be.

I got a letter in the mail from the AQHA on Friday.

I got looking at the letter and the return address is in Sweden?? Whats with that, I thought they were in Texas? as in American, weird.

I was so excited about it and its the results from the DNA test, all they gave me was a little sticker to put on her papers, really looks like very little to spend $50 on, but I guess I can't register the foal without it, sheesh.

Oh and no foal today either, although they had me looking twice this morning. I go out there like everyday to feed the pellets, I look at Gypsy and see nothing going on yet, Then glance over at Bailey who is laying down with something behind her, well kinda weird cause she the only one not bred out there and there's a baby behind her.

She got up and I got a better look, and it was a calf born last night who escaped under the fence! Man that sure was exciting there for a while, the heifer was excited for a long time too, especially when i grabbed the calf to drag him back in the gate and her started bawling.

Oh and I got a letter from the lady I bought Dinero off of and she wanted to see how he was doing, so I sent her some pics of him and told her how everyone loves him cause hes so friendly, she seemed glad to hear that.


fernvalley01 said...

I have been fighting off a bug since the MAne Event , so far , not really sick , just tired and a bit stuffed up. I am blaming alergies. Hope the mommas hold of a day or two now , as its supposed to get nasty

Crystal said...

ya, Im not even sure anymore, I thought i knew what I was talking about, but now i guess ill have to just leave it up to her