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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Finally, We Have Girl!

Well imagine my surprise when I went out in the snowy weather this morning and Belle is eating from the hay bale and I call the girls and Bailey and Razz come from the opposite directions and I can hear Gypsy whinny, but she doesn't come. Hmm, suspicious. So I feed the three and go in the shed and sure enough there is this cute little baby.

She walks over to me and so I scratch her a little and look to see its a girl and feed Gypsy and try to get more pics, but she closed her eyes cause the sun was so bright outside in the snow!

So I try to get a little farther away for some more pics, but she keeps following me and so I walk back into the shed and didn't get any good pics cause the shed was too dark and so light outside, I will have to get more soon, I'm sure that wont be a problem, lol.

I am thinking of calling her Gypsys Flying Carpet, Fly for short. I thought it was more of acolts name, but I think it suits her.


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Congratulations! That blaze reminds me of a flying kite or white paint dripping down her face. Even the tail of a stingray. Very cute.

Shirley said...

Very cute! Those black tipped ears say she is a bay!

fernvalley01 said...

Congrats! she is a cutie!

Crystal said...

shes definly bay, black mane and tail, and 3 white socks, and its hard to tell, but a snip on her nose too. Not sure if she will roan out yet, but I kinda like her like this :)

CCC said...

Did I guess the right day? Do we have to wait a month to see if I was right about the colour? Dang wish I'd said filly instead of colt. pretty cute, the closed eye shot looks like she's waiting for a kiss.

We used to have a horse called Fly Away Egg by Kitchen Fly by Kitchen Knife, go figure.