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Saturday, May 29, 2010


I went up to my Moms house last night for her monthly scrap booking and I thought I had better not stay over because of the weather forecasting snow, so I ended up getting home at quarter after two. It was a little late but I was glad I didn't stay over.

Well the snow came this morning as I woke up to a white world. What do you do? So I went and checked on the horses, they were fine, and called Linda. She said they were going to claresholm to the western store and asked if I wanted to come along. so of course I went. Its a long ways, especially when I had to go to the bathroom half way there. Luckily for me, they stopped and let me have some relief.

In this picture, if you look close, Belles colt is trying to smell Razz while they are busy eating, lol

I never did end up buying anything, but it was fun anyways. I was looking for a pair of spur straps for my new spurs, but they didn't have anything I really wanted, some nice ones, but I'm not especially fond of the basket weave and that's whet the nicest ones were. I also looked at a cute straw hat with pink edging and of course they never had my size. So I guess we will have to go back sometime.


Shirley said...

That sure is a late snow. Hope the foals all did well in it. Maybe you can get a custom built set of spur straps, I'm sure you know someone who does leatherwork!

fernvalley01 said...

We have a great saddle maker here if all else fails you could send me the info ans I will ask him. It is pretty yucky here too , Oh well, springtime in Alberta right?

CCC said...

You're as fussy as I am. No wonder we get along, eh?

Linda said...

At least it hasn't froze yet! Snow and it's the end of May........whine, whine and I'm whining some more.