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Monday, May 31, 2010

Learning Something New Every Day

Wow, I have owned horses for quite a while (about 10 years) and worked in a stable with jumpers before that. However I have not been around many baby foals, lots of weanlings and yearling and stuff, and a few foals others had, but not all the time.

Since I have had these foals, I have learnt so much about horses. They do amazing things without even realizing it. I was reading an article by Jennifer Webster on western horse reviews online blogs, and she said she turned out a new mare and foal with others she had been with before and the ran around like crazy and the mare lost her baby, but eventually everything settled and she found her foal and the whole time there was no kicking out! I was surprised, but glad no foals got hurt. And when we were to brand last week, we brought in George and Bailey (who spent all winter with the mares) in the corral next to the mares for the day. That night I noticed the mares never came in the shed when the rain came, just hid out behind the bushes. And the next day we moved George and Bailey back, they went right to the shed. Weird! I think they were protecting those colts from the new strange horses.

And before when only Fly was born, Gypsy protected him and kept him away from everyone else, now I look out and see they all protect each others foals, from everything else, and not so much from each other. I know they are getting older and more self reliant, but its quite different than before.

Even when eating, they are a lot quieter and less fighting goes on, its kinda cool, and I am just wanting to be out there all day just watching them, if the weather would warm up, I might be.

The pictures are me trying to get a close up of Jazz. Its hard to get her eyes showing, her mouth closed and her whole face markings. The second one just turned out kinda light and I liked it, so I left it as is, but it makes her look grey.


fernvalley01 said...

It is cool how the herd works togetrher isn't it? My mare sare very protective of the babies as well.But one of my best "foal sitters " was my old stallion.I had to wean one early one year ,and Chps was in the pen beside to keep the baby company .I though the poor old fellow would starve because every time the foal would call or painic he would rush asway form his food and over to comfort the little dude

CCC said...

Cold day for a ride or picture taking. Today it was flannel shirt, wool sweater, insulated jacket with my slicker over all that and I was still cold.

The closer horses live to the wild life the more fascinating they become. A herd is a cool thing.

Shirley said...

I usually introduce a new foal slowly to the herd; let them visit over the fence for a few days so that they get used to each other and mama gets used to the other mares investigating the baby; it makes it less of a deal when they can actually be together. My Belle puts the run on Velvet still, but Chickory gets to be the baby sitter.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I love watching mares and foals together and then after they are introduced to the herd. It's always so interesting seeing the new herd dynamics, isn't it?


Prairie Ridge Performance Horses said...

My mares will protect the foals together, whether they have one or not. This year my blue mare, a first timer, would only allow HER mother anywhere near the baby, I am sure she knows who Mom is, and vice versa!!
It is a wonderful thing to be able to watch them in their natural herd setting!!