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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Keeping Busy

Its so crazy busy here, trying to get ready for branding. I have been mowing and watering and gardening and cooking and cleaning and finally I needed a break.

Yesterday I went to town and got all my branding supplies (I hope) and today I get to spend the day cooking and cutting up roast, thank goodness for my meat slicer, and cooking the ham, and I wont make the salads and casseroles till tomorrow. We get Tim Horton's donuts for dessert, so that's the easy part.

I went riding yesterday and rode Dot again. Its amazing how she can spend so much energy worrying what might be out there. She never seems to relax. She is very well behaved and never does anything bad or spooky, but just doesn't relax. She must have been a challenge when she was younger.

Every morning when I got out, I give a little oats to the mares, and then afterwards I give a little to George and Bailey. I do this so I can make sure they come up and I get a good look at them. I'm glad I did, cause this morning George had a cactus in his flank. That had to be uncomfortable, so I pulled it out as gentle as possible and he seemed much happier.

I still haven't thought of a name for Belles foal, which is kinda terrible, cause I've had the longest to think of a name for him, almost a year and I haven't come up with a good one yet! Yikes, gotta keep thinking on that one.


fernvalley01 said...

Hope the branding goes well. And I am sure the little fella will tell you his name soon

Shirley said...

The babies look cute as a bug's ear. Hope you get good weather for the branding.

Crystal said...

ya, they are actually forcasting rain tommorow, but I'm hoping they are wrong.

CCC said...

Rain, rain, go away, come again another day. How about Skittles for a name? or Skeezics, or . . . maybe I'm not helping eh?

Linda said...

I'd hate for you to get rained out cause I hate it when we get rained out! I know the feeling. I'm getting stuff in the freezer NOW so it's not so stressful in the days to come. All the best, it's spitting here as I type.

♥ helen said...

You have beautiful horses and the foals are so cute.