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Friday, June 22, 2012

First Day of Summer

So we had our first real day of summer here yesterday.  It was 28 degrees and so horribly humid.  But still had stuff to do.  And pretty hard to complain cause we haven't had much warm weather this year yet.  I cleaned up all the branches from the lilacs I trimmed the  other day and the leaves that I cleaned up a long time ago and just had in bags in my truck.

I saw the cactus has flowers out there, I was surprised to see the pink ones, I always expect the yellow ones, but I am sure they will be out soon too.

I also scared up a little deer out there.  She ran to another deer and they watched me for a while then left.
I sure like the creek down there, some hills are really steep and others are just perfect for riding up.  I am hoping to get down there more this summer, maybe when I get back I will get some friends out and we can go out there cause its more fun with others.

I drove out to the pasture to drop them off and on the way I saw the horses were being bugged by bugs.  I noticed a few horseflies around and they were running from nose flies.  I know how George just hides in the shade from them and Razz will run and then put her nose in water and blow bubbles.  Bailey and Jessie were just following Razz around and Kali was trying to hide.  I could spray them but it just doesnt last and they spend so much time in the water that they probly wash it off right away anyways.

I also saw our hay fields are looking good and the oats crop is a little short but it it coming along as well.

I shoulda rode out there, felt kinda bad I haven't rode in a couple weeks and I can really tell my back is very sore, but I think I am riding Sat, so that will hopefully help a little. And I have a chiro appt next week before I go so I should be better soon.


Shirley said...

Coyote Belle has been getting "bugged" too; she runs the fence line until I let her back in to the mare pen where she has shade.

5 Starr's Farm said...

Flies are bad here, sure like all your green. So, you headed this way soon? The weather is cool this week.

fernvalley01 said...

Love the cactus flower! so pretty, bugs are getting bad around here, but so far not as bad as last year, fingers crossed

cdncowgirl said...

Oh those pesky bugs. They were saying on the radio this year that conditions have been perfect for mosquitos... NOT looking forward to that!

lisa said...

We had a very hot and humid day for the first day of summer also!

gowestferalwoman said...

These photos really capture your days - i felt like I was walking with you as you took them!

Now that the wedding is over, im trying to spray my guys daily, until we get the dry spell...everyone around here is green, but you go 50 miles any way and its browning up fast - we be the lucky ones...though this year be a short hay year too...

hope that back of yours gets into the shape it needs to be in for you to ride!