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Thursday, June 21, 2012


Not a lot going on here now, its so wet we can't get much done, but we did haul 2 bulls out to our heifers and 2 up to the community pasture.  Nice to have some of them out of here,  but I sure wouldn't mind calving a little later, specially the community pasture ones, but I am not in charge so this is the way we do it.  I guess I was a little misleading yesterday as we did not have our power go out, but the power company was testing poles and he said ours were in excellent shape.  Which is too bad cause we wanted to move it cause its right in front of the living room window.  Said they are testing 7000 poles this spring.

Anyways in between packing and cleaning and organizing, I got my walk in and the ponies in the pasture were just looking at me and started comin over.  So I thought I should go out there and see them, but then I hesitated cause no one really friendly in that group except Jazz and she is still kinda unsure sometimes.  But I went anyways and scratched her neck and that was good and under her chin she liked.  And its that time of year when the bugs get bad on the belly so I thought I would try to scratch her belly.  I started at the shoulder and moved back then underneath.  She has never had a problem with me touching her belly before and she didn't now either.  Then I got the itchy spot and she really liked that.

Then Belle kept inching closer and she usually doesn't like being petted, but I know she wanted me to get her belly to so I scratched her chest then moved to behind her front legs and she walked forward so I got her itchy belly.  It was funny from a horse that refers not to be touched.

And meanwhile Disco stood just on the other side, she hasn't figured out that sometimes people just come out to pamper ponies,  I don't know if she ever had anyone do that before, she just waits for you to come to her and she is fine, but doesn't really seem to enjoy it...yet.  And Magic was on the other side of me kinda just watching to see what I was gonna do, she seems interested but not quite sure if I should be able to touch her out there yet, but she will come around I'm sure.

And after I left I seen scatchy horses, guess Magic was feeling left out after all.

I also saw that our cactus are just about to bloom, I will have to check in a couple days to see if the flowers are opened.

And the willow I saw the other day now has fuzz on it and I still don't know what it is, but should be easier to identify I would think now.

And I got a short video of the bird flying around, I did break down and look it up and I think its a Willet.  As far as I can tell that's one of the only shorebirds that has black and white wings and looks grey on the ground.  And if you have your volume up you can hear it calling and also the frogs in the background are pretty noisy!


Shirley said...

Holy frogs! The Willet is a pretty bird, I don't think I've seen them before.
Wish we had that good hard grass here like you have, so much better for the horse than what we have.

fernvalley01 said...

Belly rubs all around! you would be popular here with my gang, they tend to ovewhelm a bit if they think there are scratches available

Paint Girl said...

Looks like they (almost) all liked their belly rubs!!
Cool bird. Never heard of one before. Love the frogs!! It sounds pretty much like that at our house every night. I love falling asleep to the frogs croaking!!