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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rain Rain and More Rain

Well apparently I have been remiss is letting you all know how much rain we have had and how much I want sun!  I sometimes forget that all my We figured in the last 3 weeks since all this rain started.  It was about at Neil's Mom and Dad's Anniversary party we got the first big shot of 8/10ths.  Since then we have gotten almost 9 inches.  In 3 weeks!  Our ground is so overloaded and saturated with water.  I am so sick of rain everyday and I need to mow the lawn before Friday when I leave or it will be a jungle when I get back.  So I thought I would post some more pics of all the rain we got.  We are not the worst area around here though, up at Youngstown they got 6 inches last night and the water was flowing over the highway.  I really wish we could send some of this down to Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona where all the fires are burning.  It sure would be a great help to them.


Shirley said...

Looks familiar- we have water backing up in the dykes around here and water laying in the hayfields. Love that first shot!

Cheyenne said...

Got to sympathise with you, one guy here drowned in flash floods yesterday.
Locally, we`ve had pretty much a whole years rain in one month. But we are a Maritime nation and its supposed to be wet.

I think I`ll move!lol

Linda said...

We only got 1.5 inches out of that last one....it sure has sharpened the mosquitoes though.