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Thursday, June 14, 2012


You guys make me laugh, and I greatly appreciate that, I love comments :))

I only turned Magic out in the pasture on Monday and Belle being the protector of "her" herd made sure that Magic will stay far away from them, and Magic really don't care, she is happy to have green grass and friends even if they don't let her close yet.  I have actually seen Disco and Jazz grazing quite close to her when Belle isn't watching.  She will become part of the herd soon, usually only takes a week or so and its all sorted out.

I had a walk down the driveway yesterday morning when I took the pics and of course all the horses had to come over to the fence to see what I was doing.  Even Magic who thought they were kinda crazy for going to the people on purpose!

And so I got a couple pics of Jazz and she looks so growed up! I cant believe she is only 2, she looks like a fully grown horse not a baby anymore :(  A nice looking girl, but still cant they stay babies for a while longer????

And so today since Razz and Jessie were out of hay and I didn't want to get a new bale or feed them everyday I just turned them out too.  I probly won't get much riding in before I leave so they might as well be out there anyways and I can make sure they get along good and Jessie drinks from a dugout and won't jump the Texas gate.  I am sure she will be fine, but she has never been in my pastures before so I always worry a little, but if Kali can drink from the dugout without getting her feet wet and Jessie doesn't mind water I think it will be fine.

There is a wide wire gate going into that field and so I got Neil to hold it while I turned them out there.  They saw grass and thats all they were interested in.  George had to be reminded he is not the boss anymore but that only took one look from Razz and all was well.

Bailey and Kali just look at Razz and accept her as thier leader right away, but that new girl..... had to get a  better look at her.  I love the last photo where Bailey and Kali are looking back at Razz to see if its ok if they approach the new girl to check her out.  George meanwhile is pouting at the fence cause he isnt the boss anymore, but he will get over it once he gets a chance to realize hes still with all girls (or maybe he'd rather a gelding to pout with????)


Paint Girl said...

Wow, Jazz is all grown up! She looks so big!! Beautiful pictures of them all in the pasture!!

Shirley said...

I'd say Jazz has earned big girl status.
Nothing like having the herd out on pasture. Wish I could do that- I've got the pasture, but it's too rich.

Country Gal said...

Fantastic photos ! They are all so beautiful. Have a wonderful day !

fernvalley01 said...

Great pics, Jazz looks wonderful

lisa said...

Jazz looks fantastic! I have to say though that all yours horses are very nice looking!