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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Walk Down The Road

I been trying to walk down our driveway the last couple weeks in preparation for our vacation.  In my regular life I don't walk a lot.  Lots of  riding and other moving, but not a lot of walking and since we are probly gonna end up walking lots down there I wanna kinda be prepared so my feet are not killing me everyday.  So since our driveway is 2 miles long I figured a perfect place to walk.  I haven't made it the whole way yet, but am up to about a mile and a half and then back, so 3 miles is pretty good I figure.

And I walk past the two horse fields, one on the north side with Bailey, Razz, Jessie, Kali and George in it and they are all getting along and happy to have grass.  I wondered how Jessie would like being out there in the rain cause she always makes a beeline for the shed as soon as a few drops fell, but she just looks pouty and since noone else cares she is OK with it.  In the background you can see a bull, he is in the field East of the horses and the cows are West of the horses.  Confused yet?  lol.  Shirley said the other day about how her grass is too lush for her horses right now, I guess we are lucky that was as we have mostly native grasses that are pretty hard.  So they don't cause a lot of problems, kinda more like a grass hay as opposed to an alfalfa hay.  There is some lush spots, like the slough in front of the horses, but they don't actually spend as much time there as I thought they would, they like the native grass just as much I guess.

And on the south side is Belle, Jazz, Disco and Magic and looks like she has found a friend :)  I kinda figured it would be Jazz, just cause she is younger and more energetic than the others and wants someone to play with.

Its been kinda rainy so I been walking in the middle of the road which works well cause we are usually the only ones who drive on our road anyways.  I saw this cool bird, which I have no idea what he is, maybe a plover?  I could look it up but really have no desire to.  The only reason I think he is cool is on the ground and in the sky looks like 2 different birds.

I see all kinds of pretty flowers in the first bit cause nothing grazes there and we also have lots of trees and wildlife in there.  We are always seeing deer and antelope coming out of those trees and we have hawk hanging around there as well as a pheasant.  Last year our hunters let out some pheasants to grow up then they were gonna hunt them in the fall, but they never found any, but they are still around cause we seen them this spring.

Out there as soon as I cross the Texas gate 1/2 mile from home I am out in the field where the cows are now.  And wow they sure get bothered by a person walking miles away from them.  They all started moving away, Even after I turned around to go back home.  And it looks like I need more video practice, its kinda wiggly, probly shoulda quit walking while videoing.

Oh and we got our sign for 911 to locate our house if we ever phone them.  But I cant see how it will really help cause they put it half way up our driveway.  Something about they have to put it where our road goes off the road allowance or something.  But from the main road there is no way you can see it.

Its a pretty good walk and pretty too.  I hope the rain holds off so I can walk today, even if the road will be muddy cause we are now over 4" in 10 days, sigh.  One day it will be sunny again I hope.


lisa said...

Now that is my kind of walk! I wish my drive way was as long!

Country Gal said...

Lovely photos and fields look wonderful ! Good luck with your walking , I love walking , Miggy and I go for an hour walk every day weather permiting mind you ! Have a good day !

cdncowgirl said...

I wish our driveway was long enough to walk like that!

Ugh, way too much rain here too. But its supposed to be dry in July & August, so between that and the June rain I'm hoping for a good hay crop.

Cowgirl Red said...

I know that feeling. I ride all the time, but if I had to run for my life I would be in a heap of trouble. Loving your posts. Cowgirl Red aka Terah