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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

To The Community Pasture We/They Go

This morning we got up early and got the cows in and separated and the truck come at 8:30 to take 45 pairs up to the community pasture for the summer.
(all backed up and ready to load)
We had them separated at branding time so it was easy to just run em in and put the calves in one pen and the cows in another.
(only half the calves I never had time to take pics before
 we had already loaded some.)

Our liner hauled all 45 cows and 20 calves and Neil hauled the other 25 calves in his trailer.
(if you make this pic bigger, you can see the cow looking out the hole in the liner)
They will stay up there till the middle of October and we wont have to worry about them being taken care of all summer, that only leaves us with 130 (or so) at home to watch.  Sure saves on grass too.  In a couple weeks we will take a couple bulls up there as well.  We are in a pasture with only one other person and her 20 or so cows, so its kinda nice we kinda know the kinds of bulls she uses are similar to ours.


Shirley said...

Is that the same community pasture that Doug and Linda look after?

Crystal said...

No Shirley it is a different one, we live in the Special Areas and they work in the County of Newel at the EID Pasture

lisa said...

Sure are lucky to be able to live the ranch life! I sometimes wish I was in your shoes for a few days!

gtyyup said...

Nice to be able to leave them for the summer and not worry! The calves look great too.