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Saturday, June 30, 2012

San Diego Day 1

So we flew in on Friday and I read the planes we were taking and I kinda thought a DeHavilland was a propeller plane, but wasn't sure so we looked it up and it was.  I never flew a propeller plane before so that was kinda cool.

We were in it till Seattle and I couldn't really tell the difference except I don't think we went as high.  We had lunch at the airport and then flew down to San Diego.
(me and my sister on the plane)
It was  a good flight and good hotel experience, but the rental car was a fiasco.  They tell you a rate then you get here and we ordered a midsize car and they had us down for compact which means our luggage wouldnt fit in it and so they upgraded us then made us buy insurance and it was more than twice the price they quoted us.  Was not that happy with that, but what do you do??  Will definitely have to write up a complaint when we get back.
(Boys on the shuttle bus in San Diego)

The weather is beautiful here, quite warm, 27C and sunny with no clouds and we went shopping today and sat by the pool for quite a while, I sure wouldn't mind a pool at home :) with warm weather all year of course....and a pool boy.  We also used the underwater cameras, they take remarkably clear pics!
(My wonderful pool view)

We been trying different restaurants, and food is soooo cheap, its hard to not get the giant meals.  But thats kinda nice so we don't have to eat all the time cause we are always full.  We kinda want to go to the parks, but we are hoping to wait till weekdays, although I am not sure it would make much difference cause there are so many people here all the time anyways.
(our hotel room, it got kinda messy pretty quick, lol)
We took a tour (accidentally) and drove through a ruralish area (it had smaller acreages and farms right next to houses) and we saw lots of horses already so that was kinda cool.  I would like to know if some kind of event is going on, but no cutting down here I can see, but probly jumping or racing.


cdncowgirl said...

Which airline did you fly?

Oh geez I get what you mean with the rental cars... insurance pretty much doubles the rate. Next time check if your regular insurance from home will cover you :)

fernvalley01 said...

Fine times. Enjoy!

Crystal said...

We flew Alaskan, they were great! Next time I think we will drive our own car, and we thought of checking about insurance from home too, def check into it more. Wouldnt bother me so much if I knew of it before we got there.

Shirley said...

Hey- that's the first time I've seen you with your hair down! You and your sister sure look alike.