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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Show Results--Jan 25

Dunno why it told me so long to write a post again.  I was at first waiting for the video my friend took on her phone, she tried to message me it but had to split it in half and I did get it but its super tiny and I don't have any way that I know of to get it from my messages to anywhere else.  So I guess I will just say how it went.

We got there early and had a bite to eat and watched a bit then I got my pony and started warming up.  She was pretty energetic and wanting to move out, but had grouchy ears at all the other horses, so we just worked harder and pretty soon she didn't care about the others out there just what I was asking her, which is what I want.  We watched a few then warmed up more, then it was our turn.  I was last in the class of 9 which I knew since I was late entering.  But I was just wanting more practice and be in control.  I was feeling good and then I had trouble cutting out the first cow.  But I got her and worked her good, picked up my hand a couple times like planned and then as I was standing almost neck to neck to the turnback horse the cow squished between us!  Grr, but not much I coulda done about it so went back and got a second cow.  This cow was a bit easier to cut out but still not as easy as it was in practice.  Had a good few turns on her and picked up when she didn't stop, and even went all the way to the sides a few times.  Was a good cow, only a few seconds left and got the third cow cut just as the buzzer rang so did one good stop on her and quit there.  I was so much happier with that run.  Really makes me think that these lessons are paying off.  I got a 61 which makes me happy (even though its almost as low as I can get, lol)  But lost 5 points for losing the cow and lost a point every time I picked up my hand.  Somehow never looked at the scoresheet, which I always do, so not sure how many times they got me for that but still a decent score and it felt much better (and Doug was happier with it too) so its all worth it.

Temps were fantastic down there for January in Alberta.  +13 and so warm there was mud between the trailer parking and the arena.  There was a show last Saturday but it was sooo cold (-39) so it was cancelled and moved to this Saturday but I am not going till next weekend hopefully.

PS.  If anyone has ideas on how to transfer a video let me know, I asked her to upload to youtube but that's a new thing for her so I dunno and I think might be to big to email but I am still gonna try and get it.


cheyenne jones said...

Dont know about the video, but well done about the cuttin! Seems the lessons are doing well! Keep going and good luck!

4RRanch said...

Been waiting for your results. Good description, glad you were happy with it. Up load to you-tube sounds like a good idea.

Shirley said...

You Tube is really easy to do, and it's the best way of sharing videos. Sounds like you might have a pretty good show season this year, your confidence is coming up!

Cindy D. said...

You tube is the easiest I'm afraid. I agree with Shirley, it sounds like you are going to have a good year.

fernvalley01 said...

not sure about the vid except youtube, sounds like a good start though