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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Horsemanship Challenge Bonus

So when I joined the horsemanship challenge, she asked for all our addresses and I just thought there was a prize for completing or something but surprised to get a letter in the mail yesterday with a bracelet with the challenge written on it.  its pretty cool and totally unexpected.  I have never really worn those rubber bracelets but I will wear it now for the rest of the challenge.

Only at 19 rides and 18 hours out of the 30 rides and 40 hour challenge and was planning on riding today but weather and roads were miserable so I didnt but we still got 4 weeks so I should be able to finish on time.  I am surprised at how many are done already I got so far behind when it got cold here, those are days I need an arena or a warmer climate, oh well next year I will have a better plan.


4RRanch said...

Very cool, nice to get surprises.

lisa said...

That was wonderful!

Shirley said...

It's tough to ride a lot in winter- especially a winter like you are having.