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Sunday, February 16, 2014


Been watching quite a bit of the Olympics and it has been interesting to watch and learn how they react to pressure and how what they do before competing.  I really got a lot of motivation from Kurt Browning.  I remember watching him as a little girl skater and he was in Calgary so knew who he was forever and now hes at the Olympics as a figure skating analyst.  He said the biggest change for him was when he started looking at the event (competition) as the reward.  He said as long as you are having fun its so much better and less stressful.  I like the way he put that so now I am a long ways from the Olympic level but still gonna look at each cutting I go to as the reward for all my practice :)

I was talking to my friends the other day and she asked if I ever dreamed of being in the Olympics, well I was a figure skater in the 80's and the 88 Olympics were in my city well of course I did.  Sh said she never did and so I asked another friend and she said never even knew what Olympics were when she was a kid and Neil as well never even thought of it.  Weird I thought every kid dreamed of that but apparently not.  Made me kinda sad and even though I am not a very good sports person made me want to get kids out excited about sports and competition and getting out there.

Neil's favorite to watch is curling of course and were listening to brad Jacobs and he was saying was having a hard time cause they never threw rocks for 4 days, Neil laughed and I said that how I feel when i cant ride.  Guess that's why he never went super far in curling doesn't mind just playing once a week. My favorite sport to watch is either downhill skiing and cross country.  I love the Alpine Skiing would be so fun!  But Cross country looks so much easier but so much more competitive!

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4RRanch said...

I thought everyone grew up wanting to be in the Olympics. I thought I could run track or be a gymnast. It was fun to dream.