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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Fun Lesson

Went for a lesson on Tuesday, been a while since I been there but I been riding again and was planning to go tot he show sat so a lesson it was.  I got there and it was a lot warmer than its been the last few times, I even didn't wear long underwear!

Jess was pretty excited, she knows whats going on when we go there :)  As I got there Doug was walking out of the arena and hands me the reins of a horse and says hold him and walks off.  I was surprised but OK, I guess there was a young horse loose in the alleyway and he went to get it, I never even seen it.  Then he put the pony away and visited with everyone while they had lunch then I got Jess ready and off we were to go.  I rode her pretty hard on Monday and also pretty warmed up before our ride cause I knew she would be fresh, and she was, lol.  I love that she gets so excited to work cows, I just wish she would still remember I am there.  Finally I got her back where we wanted after about 5 cows and a good kick in her left side and she did it awesome!  I was pretty happy with her, got a cow picked out then pulled it out of the herd and worked even when she was silly.  Its hard to explain how she acts, I wish I had a video, but I have no one to video me at a lesson.
 (been working on getting a good selfie with Jess, not it yet)

 ( a cute little Metalic Cat colt)

(and Lily was cold so she lays on Denny, lol)

She was pretty wet again so I untacked and put her cooler on and went back in to visit with whoever was there, her previous owner was and he laughed at my Eeyore cooler on her.  We got to busy visiting it was 4 before I left, oops, at least she was dry when i got home, lol.  Love the days are longer now that it is still light when I get home at 5:30.

When I got home I got a call from my Mom that she wants us to empty and clean out my Grampa's apartment on Saturday so I guess I will go to that rather than the show.  Kinda makes me sad but I was unsure of going anyways not enough practice and I woulda had to go by myself and its supposed to be miserable weather.  But all excuses, I really woulda gone anyways but I feel like I have to help clean so I will go to that.

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Country Gal said...

Nice photos ! Some time ya just have to help family lol ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !