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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Time Off

So after the show it really bothered me I had so much trouble cutting a cow from the herd.  I usually have so little trouble with that I never think to work on it.  It took me all the way till Thursday to figure it out.  At practice all the cows are in the center of the arena and we work them outside. In straight lines back and forth like a show but on any side.  And I think that's where my trouble lays.  I have trouble push to the side and they separate...but at a show its always to the front.  Got to work on that in practice.

Have taken a couple weeks off since then cause the weather was pretty miserable.  Since I have to haul to ride unless I ride out which its too cold and icy now for that, and I wont haul if below -20*C.  And hasn't been above that.  Brrr.  And then my Grampa passed away and while still sad was not completly unexpected and he will be happier now he is with my Gramma.

On Monday the ponies got their teeth done and so Tuesday was a day of in case of sore mouths and Tuesday back riding. Rode Jess first and she was full of beans what a character she is lol.  Had a good ride even though a odd lady was there doing I dunno what with her horse.  But we worked around her and had a good time.  Sure felt good to be back in the saddle again.

I also brought Kali and had her ready to go but as I put her bridle on she was acting weird and sure enough her mouth was still sore so she just come along for the ride I guess.  Then today was a day of shopping and back at it tomorrow and Saturday and Sunday...and hope a lesson Monday :)


cheyenne jones said...

Glad you`ve sorted the problem, just had all mine done, gets more expensive every year!.....But its always worthwhile, mine have been so much happier.

Shirley said...

My condolences on the passing of your Grampa. I never knew my grandarents, I think I really missed out there.
Hope you get good riding weather soon.

lisa said...

I wish I had one of those for doing teeth. I am sorry to hear about your grandpa. Horses hate having them done but once they are, they are much happier!

Crystal said...

Lisa, she doesn't mind it, she was so sedated she didn't care what we did, lol. But the vet tech was there just holding the metal away from her face when he was working on that side of her mouth so it don't rub her face along it.