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Friday, June 3, 2011

Dineros First Branding

Its been a fun week here, I haven't gotten a lot posted about it cause I been enjoying it too much.  I went to a branding yesterday and took Dinero, cause Razz is a little sore on her right front foot.  Not sure what it is, cause its warm on the inside but doesn't hurt to poke or twist or anything.  She just wont walk on it, I'm hoping its not an abscess.  If its not gone by nest week I will take her to the vet to try to figure out whats going on.

Anyways back to the branding, he was a little excited when we got there and there were lots of other horses.  He was good to mount and away we went.  he wanted to trot, but he would come right back down to a walk or stop if I asked him.  After we got about halfway to the cows we trotted up to them and we loped a little, and he was so relaxed and his nice comfy lope.  We got to the cows and started pushing them, I kinda stayed by Neil and his horse George cause they are pasture  buddies and I didn't want to push him too hard yet.  We got the first bunch in the corral no problem and sorted the cows from the calves, then mounted up again and went to get then next bunch. 

They were a little farther away and Dinero was quite happy to just walk for the first part.  He was really good, even when two riders headed over to the fence to get a bunch over there.  Then Neil went away as well and I stayed where we were just pushing cows in the middle of the pack.  He got a little distracted and was calling but I just put him to work and we went through a few sloughs no problem and then he tripped and after that he paid more attention to where he was going rather than where the other horses were.  We actually had to move some cows on our own and he did it really well, never got worried when we got in the bunch and was calm.  Hard to believe he had never seen a  cow before he come to my place.

We got them all in and tied up the ponies and took a break and then it started to rain. Not really hard and Grant still wanted to go I think he thought the rain would quit.  We put the horses in the trailer so the saddles wouldn't get wet and they got to watch all the excitement from there.  I really wanted him to stand tied to the fence so he could watch what was going on, but maybe next time.  We did vaccinate, castrate, ear tag, and no branding cause the calves were too wet.  I got no pictures cause I didn't bring the camera to ride a colt and then it was too wet to use anyways. 

All in all I was pretty happy with him for only having four rides this year and the last one was a month ago.  He is sure a nice boy.  But big.  He was probly as big as most of the horses at the branding.  Not filled out yet, but sure tall.  I should measure him one day.


Kate said...

Very nice that he did so well - my Pie has done some calf roping and pulling and I'd love to have him work some cattle, but not too much opportunity around here.

Country Gal said...

Great that he did well ! Sounds like you had a great day dispite the rain !

Shirley said...

Good boy, Dinero! He should make an awesome ranch horse, just an all round good horse. Sounds like he'll be big enough and sensible enough for roping.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Dinero sounds like he starting out to be a sensible, smart horse. Of course, he's also doing well because of you.